What ever happened to that "Bit O' Honey" candy bar they had in the 1980's?

I remember in the 80’s they had this one neglected candy bar, “Bit O’ Honey”

It wasn’t that popular, I would get it if the vending machine had a good discount on it, as I was a lil kid and had to count each penny.

It wasn’t that great, kids tend to not want honey as much as sugar.

But I haven’t seen the bar in YEARS.

Wikipedia says its still in production, but why haven’t I seen it? Is it still around? Does anybody buy it?

Could’ve sworn I still see Bit O’Honeys in those big bags of assorted candy that go on sale every Halloween season. I’ll have to have a look next time I run to the grocery.

I’ve not seen them on sale by themselves, next to other candy bars, in many years.

It’s still stuck in my friggin’ teeth, that’s where it is.

Yep, still available. There’s a jar of them on a guy’s desk here at work.

They’re so good!

The stuff is always available at Halloween. You find it in the bags of hanging candy at stores sometimes. It’s all individual loose ones in the bag. It was around for decades before the 80’s. The reason you don’t see it in every store is most people hate it. It’s by far one of my most hated candies. It’s worse than Circus Peanuts or wax lips for Halloween.


In the early nineties, certain dictators grew wise to their prisoner’s tactics. They started shooting them regardless of whether or not they’d finished their candy, thereby depleting the Bit-O-Honey customer base.

(Historical note: The dictator was eventually overturned and brought before The Hague. However, by using the “sometimes you feel like a nut” defense, he was acquitted.)

They’ve taken their place next to Mary Janes as “Halloween candy”. You almost never see either Bit O’ Honey or Mary Janes for sale individually most of the year, but come October they both show up both in mixed bags with other “Halloween candy” (like candy corn) or bags of their own.

Mmm…Mary Janes. I need to look for those soon.

Still get it year round here in Michigan. Bars or a bag of smaller, individually wrapped bits. As Harmonious Discord said, it’s cheap, not a big seller, down there on the bottom shelf with the circus peanuts. Good for me, I like both, but it’s not something I admit to people that know me in person. :slight_smile:

Yep, the small individually wrapped ones are still around. But I haven’t seen the entire candy bar sized ones for years.


They’re around. I can find large ones at the local community college bookstore.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that one. Not as a candy, anyway. :dubious:

Mary Janes

It’s a peanut-butter flavored taffy, a little softer than Bit O’ Honey. You can find knock-offs that taste just as good, usually in a round shape and wrapped in a black and/or orange waxpaper twist wrapping.

That’s what she said!



For us ‘70s kids, Bit O’ Honey was the first choice as a babytooth extraction medium. Better than even Tootsie Rolls. Got ‘er out with a minimum of pain and fuss, although Tootsies’ flavor held its own better against the metallic taste of The Red Stuff that inevitably ensued.

Here in Missouri, we still have the “bars”, which are actually small pieces separated by wax paper, disguised as a bar. Near Halloween you can find the bags of individually wrapped pieces. I love the Halloween bags. They are always fresh and soft, compared to the bars. You never know how many years the bars have been sitting there next to the Cherry Mash bars and Necco Wafers, collecting dust.

When I was 8, I took Bit-O-Honey’s on our trip to Yellowstone Park to feed to the bears. I thought it would be fun to watch them chew 'em. I got my chance when a bear came up to our car. I tossed out the tiny treat, and he hoovered it up with one great suck. No chewing at all. He never even knew what he had.

God, that was an all-five-senses memory you just brought up there. Not that I ever used Bit O’ Honey myself, but I could recreate the experience in my head just fine. :slight_smile: Remember exactly how it felt to worry and worry and worry at that loose tooth, with the sharp edges against your tongue?

I kind of liked the blood taste. Still do.


There is a large jar on my secretary’s desk known as The Neverending Jar.

Yesterday, it was this full of Bit O’ Honey.

I have three teeth left.