What flavour of ice cream are you?

I’m vanilla with chocolate chips (skin).
Drizzled with chocolate and caramel (hair).
With a couple of raspberries on top. :slight_smile:

Vanilla softserve with rainbow sprinckles in a wafer cone.
I’m married.

Rocky road, hon’, rocky road . . .

Rainbow sherbet.
(That’s because my maiden name was pronounced exactly like the ice cream and I always wanted to change my name to Rainbow.)

Cappucino. Extra milk. Raw sugar.
Grated dark chocolate on top.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream with Pralines on top.
Damn. Now I’m hungry.

Cherry vanilla!

With an extra cherry (with stem) on top.

Chocolate chip cookie dough, sometimes with chocolate syrup liberally applied.

French Vanilla with chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top!

Chocolate. Just chocolate.

Pralines and … no. That’s not it.

I’m Cookies & Cream with a nappy wad of dryer lint on top. Sugar cone.

Lemon sherbert, woth nothing on top, but some kinda thing that would be indicitive of a dirty-blond beard.

I’m chocolate chip cookie dough…

Even though I’m vanilla, given the time of year I’ve got a distinct chocolate patina. The banana and nuts are not optional. The whipped cream can be provided if I like you enough.

Whipped? Wow, that’s a neat trick.


Just plain vanilla, but the good stuff, like Breyer’s, with flecks of vanilla beam, cream, sugar, and little else.

The Zen of Plain Vanilla.

French Vanilla with butterscotch topping.

I’m a frozen banana… fat free, no added sugar, (but still ever-so-sweet :p) no dairy, and the right coloring, too.

I am so very Moose Tracks.

Since I’m wearing my black pearls today … I’m caramel swirl with chocolate chips. Chocolate syrup on top, with coconut.