What font is this?

Sorry for the small sample size…

Thanks for the help.

Try looking here or here.

It looks pretty close to Lucida Grande.

Identifont failed me - it gave me the wrong font.

In response to the other comment, I thought it might be a Lucida font as well, but it looked just a tad off. That’s the closest I have gotten so far though. Thanks!

I tried to use Identifont and got Abadi.

Yeah, it’s pretty darned close, though. The only thing that seems off to me is the lowercase “a” and “r” are every-so-slightly different. Everything else looks pretty spot on to me. I overlapped them in Photoshop, and those were the only differences I could see–very, very slight. I think it has to be some flavor of Lucida.

Lucida Sans Unicode looks like a dead match to me.

I concur. Look:

Whether or not the message you posted looks anything like the OP’s sample depends on your operating system having the Lucida Sans Unicode font installed.

True, but it’s a standard Windows font. (I also thought it was a standard Web font, but it seems Macs use Lucida Grand instead.)

Yeah, it shows up as some sort of serifed font on my Mac, not the Lucida Grande or any other flavor of Lucida.

That’s a dead ringer if I do say so myself.