Identify this font please.

My friend asked me to identify it. Thanks all,
An Gadaí

I answered the questions at and it says it’s FF Dax. Looks about right, but not perfect.

Maybe it’s the variant “Jadzia Dax”? :smiley:

FF Sari?

Looks a little beefier and more masculine. I’d guess Kurzon.

It’s got that really open lower-case S, whereas Sari has bobbly Ss.

Yeah, Sari’s a bit too rounded. I was searching on Barmeno-like fonts (it’s definitely not Barmeno though). isn’t all that great.

Try What the Font? ( You can upload a bitmap of the font and it’ll come up with a match most of the time.

I got Dax-Medium which seems to be an exact match.

Just a quick set of instructions for What the Font?

In this instance, I saved the picture to my desktop and cropped out everything but the word “lose?”. When you upload it to WTF, it’ll give you a guess at each letter. It seems to want the S to be capital, but you can go in and change it to lowercase and the ? is split into two pieces, the top of which it wants to be a 2. Just remove the 2 (leave it blank), otherwise, it’ll mess up the results.

With longer strings of test, sometimes it won’t be able to identify each letter or it’ll try to merge two letters together when they overlap, but as long as you get a three or four clear separated letter, it can usually find the font. In this case, the odd slant to the e was a dead giveaway.