What food flavor or flavors do you dislike the most and why?

The only thing wrong with “raw” tomatoes is blandness.

I’ve searching for years for varieties with consistently rich, tangy flavor only to be disappointed. May have to grow Purple Calabash again.

I’d say so. I’m lucky because in my area heirloom varieties are cheaply available throughout the summer months in farmer’s markets. They even pop up (slightly lower quality, somewhat higher price) in fancier local supermarkets. Year-round I find Kumatos sometimes work, sometimes don’t. But they have a better shot at being decent than the usual supermarket hybrid.

Here’s another: chocolate milk. I have never liked it, even when I was a kid (inevitably, on the day the elementary school would decide to give us kids a ‘treat’ by serving chocolate milk instead of regular, I would have a tuna sandwich in my lunch box. I suspect this may have made my aversion to it even worse. Truly a revolting combo).

I like regular milk. I love chocolate. I even like milk chocolate! But chocolate in milk? Nope.