What food makes your cat crazy?

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I have three critters–Marbles loves ANY people food he can get his grubby little (big) mitts on. If he doesn’t eat it, he licks it to death.

Samhain is our picky eater. But there’s one room in the house where we keep the cheese. Anyone who walks into that magical room gets yelled at. Only finely shredded Mexican blend will do for her. Anything else gets “buried.”

Bowdaar is extremely interested in all food. Everything. He just won’t eat it. But he has to make sure, every. single. time.

What about other Dopers’ felines?

Peanut butter. I’ll rub a small bit of it somewhere on the cat’s fir and they will happily lick it off–but they aren’t quite bright enough to associate where I touch them with where the peanut butter is, so they check everywhere at random until they stumble on it.

Our current fat cat was recently found to enjoy lettuce, and our dead cat liked black olives and carrots, not to eat, but to rub on his face while in a blissful state.

The 2 Siamese are picky, picky. But they love their kitty crack, Temptations treats and raw chicken livers. Once a day. The exact same time everyday, and don’t you forget or else.

My old cat Hector liked potato chips. Whenever I had some, he would demand exactly one chip. He’d then lick all the flavor off it, and nothing else. Never more than one chip, and the flavor didn’t matter.

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If my current cats like any people food at all I haven’t figured it out. However I did have a cat (RIP Rocky) that loved whipped cream and had to have a dollop of it (from the can of Redi-Wip Real Cream) every night. As soon as we got started to bed he would position himself next to the fridge and wait patiently for someone to remember to give the cat his nightcap.

Green olives and/or popcorn.

I had two different cats that went flat out crazy for turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas. One of them, Jenny also used to come running and yowling when a tuna can got opened. We would let her lick the juice from the can. We took the tuna away first.

Pretty much every cat I’ve had like cheese and butter. But Maggie is probably the WEIRDEST cat I’ve ever come across.

Her favorite food of all time: french fries. She once stuck her head in a bag of frozen ones. She’ll try to steal them off of my plate, or even out of my hands. I have to give her a tiny piece, or she’ll never leave me alone.
She also likes donuts (she once chewed through a bag that my mother had left on the counter!), pie crust*, pumpkin roll, cheetos, ham, bacon and butter. Once when she was a kitten my dad was carving up a ham, and she jumped up on the counter, grabbed a slice and took off with it – it was bigger than she was.

*Whenever my mother makes a pie, or really any baked goods, she has to build a little cage around it with cooling racks, because otherwise Maggie will just help herself.

Oh, bugger. It was the “what food makes your dog crazy?” thread. Mt bad.

No chicken livers, but my guys love their Temptations; and at the same time every day. My vet calls Temptations “kitty crack” also.

One of them also loves raw ground beef. If I’m cooking some up, I have to give him a few crumbs before I put the rest in the pan. Otherwise, he complains loudly.

Pumpkin guts.

Abigail LOVES nectarines! I have to put her in the bathroom whenever I eat one, because she will try to bat it out of my hand. :eek: Afterwards, I put a towel on the floor and let her lick the pit, and she will nearly gnaw it clean.

She also likes raw pumpkin. I found that out a couple years ago when I was cutting one up for canning; because I knew it was going to take a long time, I set the cutting board, etc. up on the floor in front of the TV, and she actually hooked a chunk of it with her claw, dragged it out, and ate it. I half anticipated having to clean up partially digested pumpkin within a matter of minutes, but thankfully, that didn’t happen.

They both love tuna but Natasha goes crazy for Cheetos. She’s very useful for cleaning up Cheeto dust because she will lick it off any surface you touch.

Now that you mention it, I once had a cat who liked cantaloupe guts. Even got growly over it.

My Velcro loves chips, to the point that I can’t keep them in house anymore (better for me, I suppose…) Pringles are the ones he loves the best. He can recognize the container and would do his best to get it open - but any potato chips would do in the absence of the Best Ones.

We had a Chartreux once that went completely out of his mind for watermelon. If we were cutting one open he’s go nuts pacing back and forth in the kitchen making a strange noise in his throat. We’d give him a large piece and he’d scarf it down and then try to eat the rind.

He also love cucumber. He’d drive us nuts knocking over the kitchen garbage can to get to cucumber peelings.

My wife had a cucumber and melon scented body lotion. That cat would go crazy over the smell of it and would sit in her lap and spin around like a dervish. Then he’d try to lick the stuff off her arms and face. He got crazier over melon and cucumber than he did over catnip.

Worst. Hike. Ever.

Ice cream sandwiches. I had a large longhair who would sit on my lap and lick the ice cream from between the chocolate wafers. I had to rotate the sandwich so he could get at it from every angle. I’d be left with just two very soft, gummy chocolate wafers between my fingers. I then had to lock him in a bedroom as I got to eat my (new) sandwich.

I forgot about the green olives. They don’t so much eat them as treat them like catnip. They roll around in the juice and will try to bite me if it is one my fingers.