What forums do you regularly post in?

After thinking about whether to make the poll “…regularly visit” or not, I decided on the above (since the alternative would include lurking, while I want to see where people actually post). I’ll put down as Word of God the requirement that you must post in the forum in question at least once per month. Of course, poll will likely be skewed toward those who post in IMHO regularly, and against those who never come here. Multiple choice poll, natch.

15 voters and no posts?

I mostly post in GQ; about 30% of my last month’s posts went there, and I’m sure that number is usually higher. ATMB and Game Room I have almost no use for, though right now I read them because I’m bored. Barn House and SD Chicago, I don’t read. GD and BBQ I don’t post that much, though I read them assiduously. The Comments forums would get more traffic if there were more comments, n’est-ce pas? CS, IMHO, and MPSIMS are currently getting sprightly traffic, but will fall when/if I get a job.

I rarely post but always read ATMB, GQ, and the Pit. My posting is mostly limited to MPSIMS and IMHO, sometimes CS.

I almost never even look in on the others.

The pit! Love it. The energy, the funnies! Oh, especially the funnies. And the posters losing their shit over the dumbest and funniest stuff, and getting all personal and calling people names… gold.

But sometimes, the smarter and funnier posters will take name calling to an entertaining level, and I can laugh with them, instead of laughing at the regular name callers.

And I love the profanity. Just loves me some Pit.

And Great Debates is my favorite forum for just reading. I really don’t dare often post in that forum, but some of my favorite posters be laying down the jewels in that forum! Some threads keep me googling/wikiing terms for hours.

And My Humble Opinion is also an interesting forum that I like to post to.

The funny thing about CS is, I often post there thinking it is a light hearted forum to post to, and shit gets real Pitty, real fast! Damn, folks take their entertainment seriously.

I’m mostly a lurker. I read everything but the gameroom and the Chicago forums, but if I post it’s usually asking a question in GQ or giving an opinion in IMHO.

Mostly Cafe and MPSIMS. Some in IMHO and a little less in the Game Room. Very occasionally in the others.

The Game Room. I’ll post in the Cafe and IMHO from time to time, but I live in the Game Room.