What Fun is a Newbie Then? (or... The value of newbies)

when my posts got over a million the counter started back at zero!

And another thing… I invented the internet, not Al Gore as everyone has so widely accepted.

New blood.
Sorry, I’m on a vampire novel kick.
(Actually I’m still cracking up over “traction”.)

New viewpoints, new voices. Let’s face it, all the rampagegeous individualists around here were new at some point. Their personalities are unique but so are new folks. Why stifle the chance to meet even more deeply warped minds?

The SDMB: home to the eccentric, the opinionated and those who loathe Ignorance.

Sighing blissfully,

I love new people. I love spotting someone who looks interesting and watching as they blossom, blend in or self-destruct. Considering the wariness a lot of newbies are subjected to, and the trials and tribulations of starting your first thread only to watch it sink like a stone or contributing to threads only to feel like everyone is ignoring you, the ones who perservere are generally worth keeping ;). Most people are quick learners, and the ones who aren’t don’t last long in this little island of sanity of the net.

Excuse me, but you did ask the question, and you gave an assumption. I gave an answer and explanation to your question. If you don’t want an answer, then don’t ask.

How many you want?

What is the sound of a one handed claping pushup

We’re cute, don’t stink up the place, and actually have something to say, from time to time.

So far I’ve been:

  1. flame-broiled
  2. basted in sarcasm
  3. marinated in well-wishes
  4. frozen by superior intellect
  5. infused with information
  6. coddled with hillarity
  7. poached with sexual innuendo
  8. baked in distain
  9. chilled with contempt
  10. ingnored like left-overs in the 'fridge

All valuable-if not fun-experiences.

Obviously, you haven’t met Evno, kinoons or read this thread. :rolleyes:

Just thought I’d straighten you out there. :smiley:

You’ll be doing 40 pushups every minute until you puke. Then you’ll do 60.

It’s the sound of power, baby. Pure, unadulterated power. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a stiffie.

Eh? Wazzat?? Ah, you young whippersnappers. Why, back in my day… Oooooh! Shiny!

Ginger! Get out of here with your 1000+ postin’ self. You’re scaring the rest of us.

I think we should let them in on the secret- that once you’ve got over a thousand posts, vB makes a tremendous thunder clap & shoots forked lightning across the screen when you hit “Submit Reply”. That way we can better envision the little ones cringing at our magnificence.

Newbie?? What’s a newbie???

We obsviously serve as fodder for some of the f***ing flamers on this board. Fun to watch tho.

As a Newbie growing up in the slums of eastern Vatican City, you can imagine how hard my life has been. I am so excited to see that someone out there cares about my people. I have one simple request. Please, do not let your love for the Newbies stop here. Take it to the streets with a song in your heart and share this with everyone you meet. Bless you all. God bless you all.

Well we provide an ever-loving audience for yall, even if we don’t say so!

Really. I read everything, and love reading it. I just don’t tell you that!

That was my one talent when I came here . . .

Just when you think that you’ve seen enough threads about your favorite movie/song/whatever, some newbie (like me) shows that you really can’t get enough of the same tired topics. :wink:

Newbie here. Just checking in. This little “island of insanity” has been my delight these past few months. I am damn proud to be one of the Teeming Millions continuing to fight ignorance anywhere I find it!

[sup]Ready to assume the whippin’ post position[/sup] :smiley: