What "gross" meats do you not have a problem with?

Inspired by this post of even sven’s in the Pit “We are not cavemen” thread.

I grew up in England, and other than brief stays in India, the Mideast and France, I’ve lived my entire life there or in the US. As such, I should be grossed out by the idea of eating dog- or horsemeat.

Except I’m not. I was reading a fantasy novel once in which a starving party of travelers were forced to eat their horses (which were dying off from cold anyway) and were able to sublimate their distaste for the meat since they were hungry.

I don’t have any such innate distaste, though - I can imagine chomping on a nice horse flank steak as easily as I can a side of venison or a cut of beef. Dogmeat, on the other hand, doesn’t really make my mouth water, but if you gave me a piece, I don’t think I’d have a problem eating it.

Am I the only one?

No, I’d love to get my hands on some horseflesh.

Do insects count as meat? There’s a little “ick” factor there, but otherwise I can’t think of a meat I’d be unwilling to try.

I would not have a problem eating horse or dog. Dogs were at one time used as a food source in the US. Lewis and Clark took many dogs with them as they crossed the country.

I also have no problem with eating offal.

Horse is delicious. Foal is even tastier.

From All In The Family (Gloria buys dinner for the family which turns out to be horsemeat and Edith finds out)

Edith) But a HORSE Gloria. The QUEEN rides a HORSE!!

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I want to try horse, and wouldn’t mind trying cat or dog. I also love liver and tongue (tastes like pot roast), and would probably even try human if it were legal and the person who I’m eating had agreed to it beforehand.

I have a dog and a small parrot at home, and I’ve had cats in the past. I could not eat dog or cat, and I cannot eat small poultry, like quail or cornish hen.

I’ve had a rabbit as a pet in the past, and I would have a hard time eating rabbit, but I could probably manage.

I once got my brother some kangaroo ribs, back when he was doing Atkins and getting bored with conventional meat.

I’m guess the disgusting aspect of hagus is what’s actually in it, but it tastes just fine.

I’ve had pigeon and dog in Vietnam, both were ok.

Blutwurst and lutefisk are both disgusting though.


Nothing bothers me unless it smells like shit or spoilage, though I’m not a fan of slimy, gelatinous or chewy meats. Every kind of meat on Earth has been food at one time or another. Dog & pony aren’t all that problematic for me; I wouldn’t want to eat a pet, but I’m OK with it as a concept. I’ve been told that dog meat is really good.

I think the OP was asking about meat. :smiley:

I recently had black pudding for the first time ever, and was glad I was drunk when I did or I never would have done it. The variety I had tasted more like a Christmas appetizer than a bloody sausage.

I am not bothered by my meat coming from any “unusual” source. In fact, one of life goals is to eat as many animals as I can. Horse, dog, whale, cat, they’re all still on the “I haven’t eaten it yet” list. I’d even be willing to try long pork if it was legal, and the meal had volunteered. I’m also in favor of cloning endangered species, so we can eat them.

mmm… panda steaks…

I’ll eat anything but Human. It’s all good!

I like hot dogs, Bob Evans sausage and sometimes Spam, which are all pretty disgusting if you think about it too much

I really enjoyed blood sausage. Oh, and I’ve had capybara, which is basically a giant hamster. The idea of eating it didn’t gross me out, but it didn’t taste very good. Kinda stringy, but it could’ve been the cook. I would try it again to see if someone else could make it taste better.

I don’t think there are any meats that would gross me out. I’ve eaten horse a number of times, cooked (in France), and raw (horse sashimi, in Japan). I’ve eaten blood sausage, and blood pudding, and just about every kind of organ meat you can think of. I’ve eaten guinea pig. I’ve eaten some stuff in Africa that I still don’t know the source of. I’ve eaten just about every kind of game animal and bird you can find. I even eat Slim Jims.

There are things I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat (dog or cat, for example), but given sufficient motivation (i.e., starvation), I’d eat them happily, and I wouldn’t be grossed out… I’m pretty sure I’d eat human flesh if the alternative was starvation.

I love hot dogs - yummy! (Yes, even with ketchup -ppbblllttt!!!)

Do snails count as meat? Because I’d love to try escargot?

I’d NEVER touch cat or dog.

Why wouldn’t they? They’re animals.

If it tastes good, what’s the hold up?