What happened to Cibo Matto?

I bought Stereotype A when it came out in 1999, and I love it. But they haven’t made a new album since then. Is Cibo Matto no more?

I haven’t heard either but I must also ask, why was there no second Butter 08 album?

I think Miho Hattori and Yuki Honda are working “independently”, usually a code word for “broke up the band.” Someone far, far more connected to the NY music underground would have to let you know what they’re doing.

I too am bummed that Cibo Matto/Butter 08 hasn’t released anything of late.

I have absolutely nothing of relevance to add, and am only posting to mention that I know my chicken. You got to know your chicken.

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Cibo Matto is done. Butter 08 were only ever a one-off project, though the record was brilliant.

Since the breakup, both have been a part of the “Downtown NYC” scene, working with people like John Zorn, Dave Douglas, Marc Ribot, etc.

Miho turned up on an EP and an album with Smokey Hormel under the name “Smokey and Miho.” They were doing a sort of ironic bossa nova type thing, and it was pretty good.

Yuka has been more creative, turning in her solo album “Memories are my only witness” in '02. It was ok - some of it sounded like Cibo Matto instrumentals, but some of it dabbled in jazz and “experimental” pretentions that fell flat. She just released her latest solo record, “Eucademix.” While I haven’t heard “Eucademix” yet, I hear it’s more solid than “memories…”, and it does feature a sort of Cibo Matto reuinion - Miho turns up on the song “I dream about you.”

Oh - if you go here, Barnes and Noble has sound samples of all of the tracks on the Yuka records.

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Looks like they got back together in 2011 and released an album of new material in 2014.

This is my absolute favorite kind of twelve-year-old zombie thread. Cibo Matto are great and I’m very happy to see new (to me) material!

I can’t be the only person whose response is “hey, didn’t they play at The Bronze in one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?”, can I?

I don’t think they’re gone. I still see them on my iPod.