What happened to Karen Greenlee, the unrepentant necrophile?

Am very skeptical this is a real interview. Am very skeptical she is a real person.

Years ago when I was still lurking, there was an RO thread bashing the two young men who exhumed a fresh grave because the recently deceased young lady was represented by an attractive obit photo. A few posters were upset by the disrespectful necro jokes in the thread and protested. One poster said something like “Actually, I think I know the family of this girl. She wasn’t by any chance a composer, was she?”

Someone responded “Actually, quite the opposite.”

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank that poster. For being awesome. (pardon the hijack)

I have no idea if that interview is real, but I remember when she drove off with the corpse. It made all the papers.

In addition to the blood-in-the-mouth comment, there’s another quite unbelievable comment. But when you read about what serial killers often do to bodies, it doesn’t seem to much of a stretch.


They don’t call them ‘stiffs’ for nothing!


I wonder if she’s a fan of the Nekromantik films?

kayaker posted a similar joke about Beethoven recently.

Nice to be remembered (even if the trigger is an unrepentant necrophile thread).:smiley:

Come on, like that has never happened before.

Which comment are you referring to?

“I’m a gay necrophiliac,” Tom said, half in dead Ernest…

Where she talks about getting caught in the act.

This story inspired a fictional story, which in turn inspired a movie, Kissed.


I’m the only gay necrophile
I’m the only one I know
I’m the only gay necrophile
In my town…

Unrepentant necrophile, doo dah, doo dah…

If she had mentioned that she SCUBA dives, Skydives and also “indulges in the occasional one night stand” would that lend a touch of credibility to her claims?