What happened to Karen Greenlee, the unrepentant necrophile?

Does anyone know what came of Karen Greenlee?

Such would have been the title of this thread if I wrote it in Great Questions. But since I have just come accross her I thought I’d share the page I just read here. Even so if anyone does know what happeend to her I would like to know.

The interview is fascinating, especially for her attitude. You can find it ici.

Necrophilia; Never having to say you’re sorry.

If she invites you to stop by for a cold one, my advice is to say you have a previous engagement.

Okay, that link was an odd read. :eek:

Okay, so, how much Cialis does it take for a dead guy to get it up?

Can’t you see the ads with the his ‘n’ her coffins instead of bathtubs? Sweet!

That’s pretty damn bigoted for a necrophiliac!

She has a show on Comedy Central.

Now you have sparked my curiousity! I cant find anything on her except that one interview.

“What happened to Karen Greenlee, the unrepentant necrophile?”

Can’t find her, she went underground.

Crack open a cold one!

She added bestiality and sadism to her oeuvre for a while but had to quit …

she got tired of flogging a dead horse


Some comedian once said the bizarre thing about necrophilia is that enough people do it that we had to come up with a word for it.

The good thing is you never have to bring flowers…they’re usually already there.

I wonder what they’ll call the made for TV movie?

Pale Rider is already taken.

Necrophilia is…

Never having to say goodbye.


Stealth brag?:stuck_out_tongue:

Since we’re telling necro jokes…

One guy asked his necro friend if he was still seeing that 85-year-old. His friend said nope, the rotten bitch split on him.

“When you’re on top of a body it tends to purge blood out of its mouth”

And that’s where I stopped reading the interview.

Two necrophiles were passing a mortuary after work. One says, ‘Wanna stop in for a stiff one?’

Two necrophiles were passing the morgue one sweltering day. One says, ‘Wanna stop in for a cool one?’

I’ve heard the appeal to Necophiliacs is that they don’t have to deal with issues of rejection or criticism- a dead body isn’t gonna say “dont touch” or “you complain way too much”. They can indulge in feelings of lust without feeling fear/guilt/anxiety over how the other individual will judge them.

A woman being a necrophiliac is unusual, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the taboo nature of it really amplified her feelings about what she was doing. She must’ve felt guilt, but a ‘rush’ to go along with it. Much like some kleptomaniacs, who steal not to get stuff, but for the rush of ‘getting away with something’.

I predict that one day this thread will come back as a zombie thread. And will be the most appropriate zombie thread ever.