What happened to the secret message of Fatima?

Glad to see Cecil FINALLY read my e-mail from almost seven years ago … the last time this was posted as a “classic” column, sans anything past “BUT SERIOUSLY…”

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You could at least provide an update to the story, rather than just posting a 20 year-old response!

Here is a link to the official Vatican site which translates all three parts of the “secret” of Fatima:

The Vatican itself acknowledges that any level of prophecy in the secret was referring to the Cold War period, and as such is long since past. Therefore, the secret is already past tense, and there is absolutely no prophecy of impending doom … this angle is purely the creation of sensationalists. The following quote, taken directly from the Vatican web site, following the translation of the secret, says it all:

“A careful reading of the text of the so-called third “secret” of Fatima, published here in its entirety long after the fact and by decision of the Holy Father, will probably prove disappointing or surprising after all the speculation it has stirred. No great mystery is revealed; nor is the future unveiled.”

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Note that he did not credit me with pointing this out back in 2002! Oh well, at least he got around to setting the record straight eventually. I’m just glad to have helped in his neverending effort to advance human knowledge!

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PS: Hey Cecil, any chance of answering any of my other worthy queries?
PPS: For the record, he HAS answered one along the way:
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Is this the column you are on about?

The same day you sent your email, I opened a thread on this message board noting that the Fatima message is secret no more. The very next day Cecil Adams himself responded that he was updating the column. I suspect the message board gets his attention faster than email.