What happened to "Thong Man"?

Haven’t seen any mention of the human-interest story gone disasterously wrong, yet.

Joe Gottschalk was all over the “Odd News” category last week after being arrested for public indecency.

Now he’s turned up dead in a public park.

Any guesses as to what the hell happened here? Murder, suicide, or accident?

Suicide seems unlikely to me on the face of it, based on the way he came across in interviews-- although I suppose you can’t tell much about someone’s state-of-mind from soundbite-sized quotes, and I guess being in the spotlight like that might be a strain for anyone.

I think there’s likely some walking arse out there who has a sense of propriety which has specific clauses about appropriate dress but glosses over little things like tossing people off of cliffs.

He was kind of a mini Celeb here in San Antonio and I never thought of him as unbalanced just a rebel kind of guy. I would hate to think anyone tossed him. It totally broke my heart when I heard. I love rebel type guys like him.

MPSIMS: Thong Man is Dead. RIP, dude