What happened....

I apologize if you guys have already answered this question, I really did read to see if I could find the answer but I couldnt. Anyway, What happened to all of the posts that were on the BBQ pit? There used to be a lot of pages, but now there is only one. Is this something to help with all of the traffic or server space or something? Just wondering.

THANKS!! :slight_smile:

It sounds as if your thread viewing option has changed on you.
You can reset this yourself:
Click on the User CP button (user control panel) at the top of this page.
When the “User Control Panel” page appears click on the “Edit Options” link.
On the “Change Options” page that comes up, look for the “Default Thread View:” setting.

Set your preferences to ‘view all posts’. That would probably do it.

Or, there is a little panel at the bottom of the Pit. Set that to say “from [the beginning]” at the end. That should do it for the Pit.

I feel so stupid. I thought, hmmm, I didnt change anything, so something must have happened. I am now able to see everything. Thanks so much guys!!!

Okay, Mister Smarty-Pants, what color are my boxers then?

Really? Well, I would like to know what will happen to this world in 50 years if we continue at the frenzied pace which our modern society has perforce constrained us to live.

Ok, thats Miss Smarty-Pants to you…hmmm, my crystal ball is saying…whats that???..no boxers???

Just kidding, what I really ment to say in the most literal terms is, “I can see all of the posts in the BBQ pit that I want now”. Contrary to popular belief, I am not psychic…Maybe we should place a call to Ms Cleo get these unknown answers of the universe…:cool:

Miss Smarty-Pants, I apologize. I am clearly even less omniscient than you.

Well, color me disillusioned. I thought I had finally found someone who had real insight into those timeless mysteries like the color of my boxers.

While I certainly do not claim to be “all-seeing,” I’ll check those boxers for you in person in a couple of weeks if you want me to, sweet pea. :wink:

Oh my! :eek: And what would Mr. voguevixen have to say about this!

Turns out they’re a lovely blue plaid, although I was hoping there would be more disrobing required to find that out. Oh well!