What's happening with posts?

I’ve been waiting for someone else to ask this,but it’s beginning to look as if it’s only me.
For two or three days the lines and colors in the posts are gone.All posts;all fora. There is nothing under the posts except the day and time.
The boxes to e-mail the poster;to view all posts by poster,and whatever the other one was,are gone.

Go ahead,make me feel stupid,but what the hell is up?

Perhaps the reason that no one else has asked the question is that you’re the only one of the Teeming Millions that’s having this problem?!? :wink:

Seriously, I would check your browser settings. Hopefully someone with more computer knowledge will come by soon to help.

I forgot to mention that:

A. I have webtv,and am computer illiterate.
B. I haven’'t changed anything in User C P.
C. I don’t remember this happening before.[sub]Perhaps Jerry was tinkering and somehow cut me out of the loop because of the webtv thing.[/sub]

I haven’t seen any changes recently either.

I’m going to give this a kick,hoping that some kindly mod or admin will come along and look into it for me. I feel kinda cheated out of part of my (and other’s) posts.

::violently kicks unproductive thread:laughs cruelly as thread yelps and cowers in the corner::

Those functions are now accessed by clicking on the member’s name - I think this changed at the last upgrade.

I haven’t noticed anything changing in the last few days …

With the changeover to vBulletin 3.0, the formatting became unfriendly to some browsers with limited/substandard capabilities. I had been using iCab for years (not the best browser overall but until vB 3.0 an excellent one for browsing this board) and with the coming of vB 3.0 I’d pages sort of as you describe them: Colorless pages with the raw text of people’s posts, not even the usernames showing, all buttons gone.

Sometimes about halfway down, the posts would repeat themselves, this time with the purple bars between posts and usernames and buttons and so on. Sometimes, I’d get completely blank white pages with no text whatsoever.

(I switched to a different browser).

I know nothing of webTV, but I gather that it has its own proprietary browser? Anyway, the built-in browser may be incompatible with vBulletin 3.0 just as iCab is.


Yes,but it was working up to about 4 days ago.
And then yesterday my POST REPLY button vanished,but it’s back today. (Hence the time lapse)
Well,I mailed Tuba about it yesterday,but of course it’s the week-end. We’ll see what transpires.

I’ll admit that I know jack about WebTV, but maybe it’s statrted to reject cookies?

Thanks,everyone. Tuba’s on it and going to talk with the techs, so I should know YEA or NAY within a couple of days.
(Lovely woman, that TubaDiva.)