What happens if you put the worlds most stickiest thing on the worlds least stickiest

poke with a pin, that is!

A greased pig meets natto? I call that a sign of the apocalypse.

delicious onion, that! but the one to whichn I refer is readable, not drinlable or edible! :wink:

OH!! I see, got the link! It’s the news true or not! thanks!

Not true. About 10 years ago I was shopping at an outlet mall store that sold a variety of cookware. When I got in line to pay for my purchase, a guy in front of me was returning a fairly expensive set of Teflon cookware for a refund, his dilemma was he could not remove the sticky labels place inside of each of the 5 pots and pans. I watch as he demostrated to the clerk how difficult the sticky stuff was to remove, each pan had globs of a rubbery glue with bits of torn paper stuck firmly to each vessel. When it was my turn to pay, I asked the clerk about the pans and she told me that they had given quite a few refunds because of the sticky label problem, in fact, they had pulled that brand of cookware from their shelves. I made an offer to buy the set of cookware and gladly paid about 1/3 the original selling price.

I figured hot water would easily remove the gooey clumps of adhesive. Nope. It softened it but it would not come off. I then cover the bottom of each pan with cooking oil and heated the oil. This proved to be the answer, the sticky adhesive finally gave up it’s grip and was removed. I still have the cookware and it still performs great. The adhesive used was much stronger than the typical booger glue* used today.

*PS: I was told by a salesman that sold the stuff that was the name of the rubbery adhesive used to stick labels to a variety of products today.

A Jolly Rancher covered in semen? It won’t actually stick together but paradoxically, both are probably ruined for their intended purpose.

Shag old pal, that is the perfect comment for this thread for someone with your username.

As to CA glue tubes, I need one drop every 6 months or so. So I’ve always just considered the tubes single use items. Break something, go buy tube, cut open sealed tip, apply adhesive, throw away tube. The odds it’ll still be usable 6+ months later are so low I avoid the aggravation.

What about those glue-pad mousetraps vs teflon?

Not too long ago, a Doper gal mentioned in a post how she went down on her boyfriend while they were in the shower. She got semen on her face and had a helluva time washing it off. She discovered that semen under those conditions (the hot water?) was exceptionally sticky.