What happens on May 33rd but only on leap year?

This is a goofy trivia question that was asked on the radio this morning, but I didn’t get the answer. Do any of you know it?:confused:

There’s a May 33rd?

I think that’s the only day on which a contract to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to non-US citizens is valid.

In other words, I don’t have a clue.

Journal Entry: May 33.

Investigate purchase of new calendar.

On May 33rd, if it’s a leap year, the next day is June 3th.

Damned if I know.

Let me explain more. There is a game show played on a local radio station here (Milwaukee, WI) on weekdays. The show is called “You can’t win”. There are 5 questions and they are fantastically difficult. There is 1 contestant ever day. They start with question #1 and they don’t proceed to question #2 until #1 has been answered correctly. This can take days, weeks, even months. You have to remember what the answers are in case you get on the show. Who ever gets all 5 correct wins a shit load of prizes, and every day they add more prizes. Well, they are up to #5 (after 2 months) and the May 33rd question is #5. Once somebody gets it and wins, the game starts over. The best strategy is to write down the answers as folks get them because if you get on you have to give those answers too! Also, they are sticklers for proper pronounciation of words. You can have the correct answer, but if you don’t say it right they’ll call you wrong!

Heres the kicker: Two years ago I won!!! I won 98 compact discs, a 200 cd player, a cell phone with 1 year unlimited air time, NFL football game tickets, a dinner party for 20 at a fancy restaurant, a pager with free air time, 20 t-shirts, jewlry, concert tickets, and 98 peanut buster parfiets at the Dairy Queen. I can’t win again, but my friend can. I’m trying to help him find the answe.

Isn’t that the day pkbites posts a sensibles qestion?

:ducks, swerves, avoids fridge:

Shooting from the hip. Now I’ll try and think. May 33rd should be called June 2nd. Now IIRC Lunar cycles repeat every 19 years(?) Calender cycles every I dont know. It works for this year. I could be way wrong

If this is a serious (what do they do in WI during these long winters, anyway?), there is no answer: May 33 does not exist. Feb 29 exists once in four years, but May 33 does not. Period. Next question, please.
Prototypes: when did you stop to beat your wife? What’s the population of Limpocah, ID?

Maybe someone smarter then me can figure this out. There is a March 33 if you are using a decimal calender. I don’t know if this is a calender this guy made up or if it is for real.

I hope this helps.


Hey pkbites something that might help is if we saw what the other questions were. This could give us the format and help to show how difficult or out on a limb these questions are.

Are you sure it’s not some type of pronunciation trick, or general trick question. I recall in grade school a trick we would play in which one fellow would say to an unsuspecting sucker: "I bet you with only one jump over level ground I can jump “a third of six feet.” The trick of course was to slur the last few words so that the other guy “heard” you say “thirty-six feet.”


Come one. There are lots of people here smarter then me. Someone figure this out! It is driving me crazy for some reason.

If you will look at my link above there is a May 33 on the decimal calendar. It corresponds with June 28th on a regular year. So maybe it will be the same thing as June 29th on a leap year. But, I can’t think of anything that happens on June 29th.

Maybe there is another alternative calendar that works better?

These are totally off the top of my head, but -

Could it have something to do with solar or lunar eclipses, or some kind of equinox, etc.?

Could it refer to a calendar that would be used on the moon, or another planet?

Could it refer to some ancient calendar?

Do we have to assume that “May 33rd” refers to a date? Could it refer to, say, a place?

On second reading, this is starting to look more probable. Don’t forget, this question was heard on the radio, so maybe people just think they know what the question is.

How about “Water pins on my dirty turd but only on the pier”

Does the radio staion have a website that maybe they posted it our the realaudio of it being asked?

Look at this thread:


*Name the 3 wise monkeys. The answer is NOT see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. They wanted their actual names which I believe are Mazarue, Mesarue, and Mekazareu. (sp?)

*Where can you get into the truth tub? The answer is it is in the basement of the “Gruesome Twosome” who lived next to fred & Wilma in an episode of the Flintstones.

*Who was the 38th president of the USA? The answer was Leslie King, the birth name of Gerald Ford.

*Who is Forsythe P. Jones better known as? (He’s Jughead from the Archie comics).
*What flavors were featured at “Smittys” on October 23rd, 1997. People went nuts searching for a Smittys custard stand.

These are some of the easier ones I can remember. They’ve had some questions which were asked entirely in Japanese, so first you had to interpret the question into english, then you have to find the answer. These guys drive the Ready Reference desk at the library crazy!

I don’t know anything about the decimal calendar, but Zumba’s post got me thinking: if that is the calendar they’re using, would they be referring to the summer solstice? Who can say for certainty what day May 33rd would be on a decimal calendar for a leap year? I doubt it would change things by 8 days, but it’s worth looking into. The solstice is the only regular late-June occurance I can think of.

This is just a WAG, but I’m wondering if the answer is to be found in some nonsense poem or song? pkbites says those crazy radio folks had asked previous questions, the answers to which could be found in cartoons and comic books; maybe everyone’s doing all this mathematical brain-work for nothing?