What have you done to help your candidates?

Local or otherwise, what have you done, other than voting, to help your side or candidate prevail?

We’ve donated to several who are in tight races nationally.

We’ve done knock & talk on two weekends here in Portland as part of the get out the vote effort for the governor, who is in an unexpectedly tight race.

And we just took part in a national effort to GOTV with Vote Forward, by sending letters to registered Dems in different states, urging them to vote in all elections. We managed to do 200 letters, and the national effort was over a million letters sent by volunteers to people in flippable districts.

Donated (mostly to general Dem fundraising); yard sign, canvassing, and office work for local Dem candidate. Might be able to help with get-to-the-polls efforts on Nov. 6.

We’re trying to pass a local income tax levy. I’d say I’ve done about 30% of the work for the PAC - designed a web site, designed the yard signs, put up about half the yard signs, created Facebook posts, worked on all the literature, I’ll be at the polls all day Tuesday. It’s a heck of a lot of work.

I’m super pumped for the D running for our district’s state rep, so I’ve donated to his campaign, put up a yard sign, put a bumper magnet on my car, gone to a meeting for his campaign and talked him up to others.

There’s a school levy. I’ve gone to several meetings, donated, put up a yard sign, and helped label & stamp their mailers.

I think I did donate to the Ohio Democratic Party. Not sure tho.

As a city council member, who is also in charge of writing the city council portion of the monthly city newsletter, I ran 3 months of “Make sure you’re registered to vote” info in the newsletter, with an exhaustive list of where you can register, how you can check your registration, and how to get an absentee ballot.

I also wrote an extensive overview of our 4 charter amendment ballot issues, so people could make an informed vote.

Donated money (to various candidates in close races) and voted.

I have ensured that one candidate was listed nicely on Ballotpedia. Though I’ll note that “your candidates” will be read as “the candidates of your political party” and I don’t believe in that nonsense. So my support went to a candidate who would perform worse than she should without the help (though probably insufficient).

Some donations. Standing outside early voting site and being one of those irritating people who pass out literature like a street preacher (my spiel is, “Hi, I’m a local teacher, and here are the candidates who support public education”). I’ve never done that before, and it’s been less awful than I expected it’d be. I’ve also gotten a handful of other teachers to pick up some shifts doing the same thing.

My wife has sent out hundreds of handwritten postcards, both to people in our Congressional district trying to oust the execrable Mark Meadows (ain’t gonna happen, but you miss the shots you don’t take), and to Georgia voters encouraging them to vote for Abrams. She’s also done lots of texting of voters, and a handful of other things.

We each do the single-parent thing some evenings so the other one can handle the political work.

Also I’ve argued a lot on the Internet, which is super productive.

I’ve donated, bought several Beto shirts and have striked up conversations about him, knocked on doors, done a little phone banking, done more text banking, registered people to vote, sent postcards to those people giving them information about voting and reminding them to actually go vote, sent postcards to people through Postcards to Voters, sent letters to people through Vote Forward, and have talked to friends trying to encourage them to donate and volunteer. I don’t know if I’ve gotten any friends to volunteer, but I know a few have donated to Beto and other candidates, and I know that they all know I will be extremely upset with them if they don’t vote. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good amount, but then I see people in various Facebook groups I’m in that are constantly knocking on doors or have sent hundreds or thousands of postcards or letters and then I feel lazy.