what have you eaten today?

I’m bored at work…thus my latest MPSIMS.

So far today I have eaten/drank:
1 bowl of cream of wheat
2 cups of coffee
1 peach
1 fruit plate
1 soy sausage pattie


an orange
some orange juice

I’ve had, 2 sausages with a large mushroom stuffed with cream cheese for breakfast
A cup of chicken and mushroom soup with cream (my hubby made it yumm)
and I’m having at the moment two beefburgers with cheese and two fried eggs. Man I sound like a pig…but I’m on dr Atkins I love this diet :smiley:

Two cups of coffee, with half & half and Equal, and a PB&J on toast.

[li]1 cup (measured) Smart Start cereal with 1/2 cup (also measured) low-fat milk[/li][li]1 CentrumKids Rugrats 1-A-Day vitamin[/li][li]1 Viactive soft calcium chew (in caramel): 500mg Calcium + 100 IU vitamin D & 40mg vitamin K[/li][/ul]
Dieting BLOWS :frowning:

I’m hungry.

6-pack with a Slim-Fast Chaser.
(I always try to make Saturday breakfast a cool band name)

  1. The lunch special at a Japanese place, which was 9 pieces of sushi, salad, fresh fruit and a bowl of Udon noodle soup. Quite delicious, and since it was the end of lunch the chef gave me a couple of extra pieces of salmon roll gratis.

  2. A double cup of coffee, plus a small biscotti. And my friend’s biscotti since he wasn’t eating his.

  3. Just now a Thüringer sausage served with a hard roll and mustard. I got a Henninger beer from a separate stand to go with it but didn’t finish the whole beer because it wasn’t as fresh as it should have been. Life’s too short to waste on imperfect brew.

That’s it for now. I’ll probably have a second dinner in a few hours, probably from a Thai stand nearby.

Nothing, not hungry.

Two cups of coffee with sugar and non-dairy creamer (hey, I like the powdered stuff. Really. Besides, I don’t drink milk fast enough to even finish a pint before it goes bad.)

Went to church, took communion…do you want to count that?

Pop-tarts…1 strawberry,1 blueberry, both unfrosted. The sugar gave me a headache and I really need real food.

Working my way through a 20oz. Diet Coke, slowly.

3 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, some orange juice. I love weekend morning breakfasts.

Well this would be after breakfast and lunch.

Brealfast-Bowl of total with (thawed) strawberries in about a cup of 1% (okay, it’s a biiiiig bowl). 2 cuppa hazelnut coffee, black.

Lunch- open faced sammich consisting of 1/2 bagel with a leetle mayo, lotsa fresh spinach because it’s only going to be fresh for a couple more days, sliced tomato and a slice of gouda goat cheese. I’ve been using spinach instead of iceberg lettuce since Jan, it’s actually very tasty (and has some actual nutrition).

Yeah, I went shopping yesterday on the way home from work. I was hungry. I went by the imported cheeses and blew the grocery budget.

MMMMM, fatty cheeses…

Currently- large quantities of diet dr pepper while persusing SDMB.

Not a thing as of yet. I just got up. Spriiiiing Breeeeeaaak!

One cup of strong tea, two cups of coffee with half-n-half and sweet-n-low and…


Damn, it’s good!

This was lunch, more or less:

two hotdogs with chili
iced tea
a spoonful of whipped cream

Yum. There’s an apple in the kitchen calling for me. Perhaps I’ll eat it later. And there’s chocolate frosting chanting. Maybe I’ll bake that cake later.


two cups coffee

three cans of diet pepsi

a handful of lime-flavoured tortilla chips.

One cornmeal pancake with real maple syrup, five or six strawberries, and about half an orange (in wedges). And, of course, coffee, coffee, coffee!

It’s not quite noon here and I just got rid of a slew of children who attended my daughter’s sleepover. Pancakes are the traditional sleepover breakfast, because I am both a sucker and an glutton for punishment (there’s nothing like getting up early on a Saturday to fix a big breakfast for seven after spending most of the night yelling at kids to quiet down and SLEEP).

1 cuppa tea with cream and sugar

1/2 cup black beans +salsa over two 1/2 inch slices of polenta topped with 2 tbsp. of reduced fat sour cream.

5 dried apricots
1/8 cup of almonds

Another cuppa

On my way to lunch shortly

To eat? What’s that? Just joking uhm…

I had a couple bites of a Bran muffin and a cup of coffee.

I plan to shortly go raid the food court. Either McDonald’s or Philly Beef… possibly Philly Beef. Much healthier. Or maybe terriyaki chicken… yah that’s it… That’s what I’ll have… -drools as she walks off to go get food before work-

I’ve been awake since 9 a.m., and all I have had to eat is a Tootsie roll and one can of Mt. Dew. But I’m going to a potluck dinner later, so I fully expect to gorge myself this evening.

it’s 9 in the evening here.

so far: 4 double espresso, no milk, lots of sugar.
2 grilled tomato-cheese sandwiches
2 sausage rolls
more coffee
liquer-cake [one slice, no whipped cream]
mineral water
Going to a club later on. Expect to eat something between the drinks.:slight_smile: