What I've Eaten Today...so far

2 cups of coffee
4 Ryvita crackers (aka: cardboard) w/cheese
I tub (the whole feckin’ thing) Ben and Jerry’s New York Fudge Brownie
1 microwave pizza slice
3/4 botles of white wine
working on my second bottle of Heineken that I found in the fridge

n’est pas? (don’t know what that means but it sounded cool in my head)

Two big cups of coffee.
An apple (red delicious).
KFC (twister, 3 hot wings, fries, pepsi)
Chicken Chow Mein.
Chicken Egg Foo Yung.
Barbequed Spar ribs.
Orange dilute.

2 bananas
~8oz of soy-chai smoothee (Boathouse Farms)
3oz of blanched, slivered, uncooked almonds.

Er…I guess that’s it. I really need to get moving and do…something. With my life. I guess.

Or at least walk downtown and get something solid to eat.


As of 1440 PDT

Half a dozen bing cherries
Bowl of vanilla almond Special K with skim milk
Turkey pastrami with jalapeño mustard, onion, and tomato on toasted whole wheat
Bowl of V8 vegetable juice with southwestern salsa, sriracha chili paste, and cottage cheese added to it

12oz can of Minute Maid Light Lemonade
A few sips of a one liter Diet Pepsi

at 5:55 ET

1 16oz bottle of orange juice

bacon (I did very well at restricting myself. I cooked the whole pound because otherwise it’ll go bad, but I only ate 5 pieces, saving the rest for sandwiches and such this week)
2 biscuits (from scratch. I was feeling fancy this morning)
2 eggs

handful of walnuts
for dinner, it’s either going to be:
salad (spring mix with grilled chicken, feta, dried cranberries and walnuts)
a piece of warmed Italian bread


vanilla yogurt with granola mixed in

And either some grapes or watermelon for dessert, if I go with the salad

as of 2:55 PM CDT

one bowl of chicken noodle soup

I am really hungry, but I don’t get off work till seven. I am immediately proceeding to either the grocery store or a restaurant of some kind as soon as I clock out.

Nothing. Not even coffee.

But I’m headed to Starbucks and then Teddy’s for the best burger in the universe.

Yah, that’s right, for breakfast. Got a problem with that?

2 Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits and 1 lg sweet tea.
Man, I’m hungry. :frowning:
3 minutes until I’m off work…wee!

2 cups dr pepper
chips with dip


pinot noir

My brain read “2 cups of pepper”


1 cup of coffee this morning

This afternoon (late lunch):
A smoked turkey sandwich with brie, grilled mushrooms and asparagus and red onions (YUMMY!)
A few grape tomatoes
Two Dove chocolate toffee cookies
Iced tea

At 4:30 pm, I’ve been up for about 4 hours and I’ve eaten 2 pounds of strawberries
a chicken leg and 2 wings,
2 cups of coleslaw,
2 cups mashed potatoes with gravy,
a cup of green beans, and
two cups roast beef.

I’ll be up for 8 more hours and do most of my eating then. :smiley:

As of 7:30pm Eastern:

1 bowl Trader Joe’s Cherry Almond Crunch cereal with 2% milk
1 black cherry yoghurt
1 banana

1 rye bread sandwich with vegetarian bacon, tomato, avocado, lettuce, and mayo.

Multiple glasses of water.

Now i’m about to decide what’s on the menu for dinner.

This morning, I woke up at 10. I had a cup of milk and a slice of pizza.

Then, at noon, I had some beef, rice and some sort of Korean soup made from beans.

During the afternoon, I had a cupcake and a cookie. I’m about to have dinner, which is rice, Korean BBQ-ed beef, tofu, kimchi and some Korean soup made from fish.

Breakfast: most of a chicken, a potato, and a diet coke.
Brunch: two cans of tuna and a diet coke.

You get the idea. No time or energy for anything that requires cooking.

Half a cherrie pie
2 Harp lagers
Looking for dinner now…

no appetite, made myself eat:

2 wasa spread with about 1 tbsp each garlic/herb philly and 3 or 4 large spinach leaves each
1 hardboiled egg
4 radishes
8 baby carrots
1 stalk celery
whatever i could grab out of fridge in one pass :frowning:

1 protein shake [atkins stirrable, vanilla made with water, dash cinnamon]

salad - 1 cup spinach leaves, 1 tbsp toasted macadamia nut bits, 1 tbsp dried nonsugared cranberries, 1 piece bacon in crumbles, 1 tbsp crumbled blue cheese, balsamic vinegar

hm, 2 of 3 liters of lime water [3 liter ex soda bottle, chopped 2 limes, water and ice. shake the bejebus out of it and put in freezer until really cold and ice is starting to form.]

no clue what next snack will be, probably another cup of protein shake

dinner will be something involving a nice bit of ham we have in the fridge. it will include fauxtatos [cauliflower treated like mashed potatoes] and asparagus

A slice of leftover pizza and a cup of coffee for breakfast.

Two more slices of pizza for lunch.

Two snickerdoodle cookies.

Random assorted pieces of candy at work.

Yeah, I don’t eat healthily at all.

Two cream cheese toaster strudels
A cup of Carnation instant breakfast
Two Donuts
5 piece Chicken Tenders from Burger King
Apple pie from Burger King
Small Hi-C from Burger King
A couple slices of cheddar cheese
Some orange juice

Not exactly the healthiest menu, but usually I do better

I snacked on a few edamame this evening and then for dinner I really messed up and had about a dozen huge steak fries that I dipped in chipotle mayonnaise.
I was going to have a salad. :smack: I have no self-control.