What have you worn or what do you wear during sex?

When I have sex ( which is anytime I want to) I wear my black speedo and my gold jewelry draped over a deep rich tan which highlights the rippling sweating muscles on my…

oh hell…

The truth is, I wear nothing but my cheap Mennen aftershave splashed on my ever so white body. That is when I get to have sex at all. I am afraid that raising two boys has pretty much precluded any spontaneous sex of any kind.

Me: Going out tonight son?
Son: Nah, I may just hang out here tonight.

Down to the nitty gritty

I will admit however that I did try on women’s panties once during a twisted lustful prelude to the sex act itself. I don’t know what the hell came over me. I just grabbed a pair of my wife’s panties off the washer and put them on. Mrs. aha tried to play along when I came into the bedroom but finally broke down in a fit of laughter. I couldn’t get an erection for weeks after that.

Since then it’s been plain old buck naked and Mennen for me. (And it ain’t pretty)

So tell me what you wear or have worn during sex? Come on now, share with me…you’ll feel better. I know I do.

Well, there is always the propeller beannie. The jester boots are sometimes fun, too. Oh, so are the deedly-boppers (remember those? the head band with the springs and the misc. things on the end…too much fun!)

In all honesty, as opposed to the flagrant lies above, if this morning [sub]WOOHOO!!![/sub] was any indication, I’m stark, buck naked. So’s my partner, though she might wear some wool socks, if the floor is cold :slight_smile:

Socks and a t-shirt if it’s cold. To add to the level of classiness, dark colored socks are preferred, as they better offset my pasty-white skin. I used to spend time with a woman who was 6’1" tall, and so was able to wear her nightgown when lounging around drinking Sunday morning coffee. Nothing sexual, just damn comfortable.

Damn you, aha! Damn you all to hell! Starting sex threads that you KNOW I’ll read and MUST respond to! Dammit. I’m so weak.

Here’s my list, you deve:

lingerie (too many different styles to list)

my husband’s black hat & leather vest

four-inch red high heels that never get worn anywhere else BUT bed (walking in those things is out of the question)

A really nice dress that I wore to a job interview, that made me look a bit like a virginal schoolmarm

antique crystal jewelry, and nothing else

I don’t usually dress up for bed, but sometimes it’s fun. Accessorizing for bed, though, well…that’s another thread. :smiley:

That’s pure class perse!

A smile…

I know this is off-topic, but where do you get jester boots? I was thinkning about having them custom made, but my local Italian shoemaker went into retirement recently.

So, other than the sex how did the interview go? :slight_smile:

I have no idea, actually. I’d probably have to special order them anyway, since I’ve got size 13-14 feet. Try an online search, you might be surprised!

WillGolfForFood, I actually laughed so hard I now have a headache! tres amuse

Oh, so you never have actually worn or owned jester boots. Not even in bed.

Damn. You could be at least somewhat serious in this thread.

I tried, just couldn’t do it Spinn


Rope. Around wrists and ankles. <— usually the wife

A cape. “I am darkman!”

Honey Dust…

Honey-Almond Oil…

sometimes Dewt and I have the radio on…LOL

and occasionally, I let dewt borrow my black fishnet body stocking…
oh…yeah…I forgot…

mini-kilt, thigh-high stockings, a white dress shirt and of course, the private school tie…used to be fun until the whole britney spears thing…sigh…

Big Giant Bozo-the-Clown shoes and nothing else.

what do I have on when I have sex?

hmmm… usually a hard. Yes… I try to have a hard on. That would be the most usual.

Apart from that… combat boots.

Dammit, I hate it when I set myself up like that. :slight_smile:

I got the job. But no sex was involved. The sex was with my husband. Later. After the interview. At home. I swear!

Almost forgot. I’ve got one of these, too, 'cept mine’s that stretchy lace, and it’s crotchless. You know what? They’re a lot more comfortable than one would think!

Hmmm…interesting query, aha. Personally, I prefer my hubby’s kisses and hands and lips and… I think you get the idea. :smiley:

Other than that, I prefer to wear nothing at all.

Of course, that’s what I remember anyway. It’s been so long, it’s a little hard to remember for sure. Perhaps MrBear remembers it better. :wink:

I miss you, honey… :frowning:

WTF. I can’t even claim the Staurday night Spumante defense.

Almost all of the time nothing. Occasionally glasses (toes! she’s got toes!). On one or two rare occasions, all of my clothes, just pushed out of the way.

No Nazi uniforms or anything, but twice, handcuffs (different GFs). Both times their idea, not really much of an enhancement. And, there is a definite downside. One time we were pretty drunk and I slept the night 'cuffed to a brass bed. My thumb was purple for a couple of days and numb for about a week.

So, how’d you spend that nickel, aha?

Well normally I have sex butt naked. Iam an exhibitionist so I hardly ever wear clothes inside the house.

But I have worn:

  • silk scarves twines over my eyes and arounf ankles and wrists.

-a sapphire corset

  • a bra

  • t-shirt in the heat of the moment

I’m still working on getting my husband to wear his matching thong once!!!

kitty ears!
(yes, thats me. i looked funny. and my hair is wet, not dirty. :P)