What I am going to do tomorrow night

I am going to finish work at 8pm and then I am going to walk down to my local pub (The Leathern Bottel (est. 1758)) with a book and a torch (scary dark back road) and I am going to sit by the fireplace with a pint and read Liz Dalby’s Geisha. Yes I am. So there.

Ooh! Have a pint for me :slight_smile:
Sounds like fun!

cool! great plan.

Pint of what?



Kronenburg 1664.

Or maybe I’ll go crazy and have whatever special ale they have on tomorrow. Aunt Masie’s Formidable Knickers or something.

A real torch with fire? Or is that how you folks from England say flashlight?

Either way it sounds like a nice night to me. But, a real torch would be more fun. You might find a mob to join after you leave the pub.

I asked for a cite. You failed to provide one. It’s not that hard. Sheesh, I’ll do it for you.


Some people, I ask you. :rolleyes:

What? This isn’t GD? Oh, I’m sorry.

I myself am going to park my car in Dublin city centre, go to a pub to meet some old friends, and have a pint. Of Guinness. And then I’m going to have another so the first one won’t feel lonely, then one more so they can have a party, and then there may be a few more gatecrashers. I am going to get a taxi home, then Thursday morning my wife is going to say “where’s the car?” and I’m going to go “uuuuurgh I left it in town”.

No, a real torch. After a pint or two I like to go hunting mad scientists who hold lightening rods while screaming “ALIVE!”

Flashlight… heh

We had a powercut in my local today, we lit lots of candles, it was all dark and cosey and stuff,and it ROCKED, and the till wasn’t working so we had beer at Random Prices, cos none of the bar staff can add up… cos they ROCK!

And then Duncun turned up with some torches, which ROCKED, and I started singing “Duncan… Duncan… Duncan and the Magic torch…” and other people joined in, and it ROCKED!

And then cos we couldn’t see the clock we had a lock in, and it ROCKED!


Open fires ROCK!
Reading books in pubs ROCKS!
and, and, and, everything ROCKS!