What if?

What if GWBush is confirmed president by the Flordia electors, etc. THEN they find out all the votes in FLordia (well, the Majority) did actually go to Gore?
WOuld they overturn the decision?
Or just grumble for 4 years?

Gore will just keep grumbling for the next four years like he did when the 1st Florida count went to Bush, and the 2nd count went to Bush, and even after Gore asked for a recount, it still went for Bush.

That is why Gore is still going to court. Once Bush takes office it will be too late. But he does have that long.

While they are digging for new “uncounted” ballots, they could find a bunch for the last Presidential election, but they would not matter. Clinton will still be President.

When the new Congress meets in January, one of the first things they do is approve the Electorial College vote for President. If Congress does not like that vote, they can ignore it and pick the President. [see the US Constitution and amendmends for the details; I don’t think it will happen, but it can in theory.]