What is a BVG card?

In this thread on a different site (URL: http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/messageview.cfm?start=0&catid=18&threadid=150468 ), there is continual mention of a “BVG card”. Does anybody here know what it is and how it is attained? TIA.

Is it possibly related to this ? Or this?

It’s Best Value Guarantee. Some Amex cards have it. If you buy something, and then find it for a better price, Amex will refund you the difference. On Fatwallet the value is often found by purchasing from one place that has extra perks such as a rebate or free shipping, but wanting to apply the best price from another merchant. You can order from the place with the perks and then get the BVG card to pricematch the other vendor.

Also used to buy from a reputable vendor than match the price to some random Yahoo store that shows up first in the price comparison engines. Cheap prices without the risk.