What is a good freeware equivalent to MS Visio?

I’m trying to find a freeware flowchart-type program that’s close to Visio to design a floor plan layout for my print shop at work. Our tech guy had Visio but he got his disk stolen. This isn’t a major project so I know they won’t buy it just for this.

I just want something to easily design a room, list the dimensions, and add shapes to represent furniture and printers. I could probably throw something together in Word or Excel but I know it will be a chore. Something like Kivio would be nice, but I think it’s only for Linux platforms and I’m using Windows. Help please!

If you or someone where you work has children who are students, you can buy Visio at a much reduced rate from various places over the internet. All you have to do is scan a report card, etc. and send to the seller to prove the child is a student. I did this recently for my son and I saved a ton of money (I would not have bought it otherwise).