What is a pirate's smile?

Depp was mimicking this guy. It kind of says I got you and I know it.

It’s a smile that’s not rated G, PG, PG-13, or NC-17.


His last lover’s teeth got in the way when he was being pleasured?

All I know is, there ain’t no shoe strings on Louise.

This is so very not funny in any way.

We had a boat that was a weekender (galley, enclosed head and large v-berth). We named it Tiny Dancer because it was just a 22’ and many other boaters we knew had larger boats. We tied up and partied with many yachts on the Puget Sound over the 12 years we boated. To us -cruising on the the “Tiny Dancer” Pirates Smile was a mischievous but happy about it look.