What is a pirate's smile?

It’s in Elton John’s Tiny Dancer and the song about Sally’s pigeons by Cyndi Lauper. All I could find by google is that it has the corners of the mouth held back.

Prior to that my best buess was a smile with missing teeth.

Can anybody find me a pic of what they’re talking about?

Thank you.

I always thought it meant an inviting smile. As far as the lack of teeth, maybe like Pirates smile .

In the context of the songs I assumed it meant a rogueish smile. But I have some recollection of a slit throat being referred to as a pirate smile too.

I always thought it referred to a slit throat.

And now: Pirate Smile

Sounds like it’s kind of arrrguable as to what the real definition is. What’s the context in the songs?

From Sally’s Pigeons:

So probably nothing to do with slit throats in that instance.

And in the Elton John song

The reason I thought it meant missing teeth was in Cyndi’s song their both young children. Certainly rogueish smiles sounds like a good possibility but i’ve seen it in several other places while searching and want an exact definition.

I guess I’m defeated if there is no such definition.

No, no, no. Pirate Smile :smiley:

A pirate’s smile is a smile that will make you do anything. Your gonna do it, and you know it. Right or wrong, good or bad you’ll do it, and you’ll do it just for that smile.

Do zombie pirates smile?

Hold me closer, Tony Danza! Count the headlice on my hiney…

That’s the thing that occurs beneath a Pirate’s nose when their timbers are shivered.

Wouldn’t the lack of teeth be a hockey player’s smile?

Come on… it’s a smile that will steal your heart!!

A rakish grin perhaps?

Could be a reference to this sort of thing.
(it’s pictures of pirates…)

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Best explanation yet.

It’s what Depp was going for here:

Of course in the Good Old Days, scurvy was a common problem on long sea voyages without fresh food, which probably describes some pirate life. One symptoms scurvy knaves experienced was teeth falling out.

It’s a love letter. Why would anyone refer to his love’s missing teeth in a song about how wonderful she is?

Not to mention that Maxine Feibelman didn’t have missing teeth.