What is Appropriate Dress for a Blue Man Group Performance?

Mrs. Rastahomie and I are going to Chicago this weekend to visit a fried and see the Blue Man Group Saturday night. I’m planning to wear shorts and a t-shirt. Mrs. Rastahomie says pants and a collar shirt are in order.

Is there a standard mode of dress for attending comedy performance art?

no need for pants and a collar shirt, especially if you’re sitting in the first three rows.

The Briar Street Theatre is in a very casual, hip part of town. Wear what you’d wear to a party. And certainly shorts and a t-shirt are acceptable as long as it’s not like…the clothes you use to paint in.

Khakis and a nice t-shirt? Perfectly acceptable.

It’s definitely not formal theatre. (I’ve seen it thrice)


If you’re sitting in the first few rows, I advise you to wear clothing you would not be afraid to discard afterwards.

Those guys get messy.


Plastic sheeting is de rigeur. Check the hobo chic sites.

You’d do fine in either your choice of getup or the Mrs’s, as far as blending in with the rest of the audience goes.

But if your other half is inclined to dress up a bit for the night out, I’d go along, if I were you. :wink: