What is better than Sex?

I have often heard my girlfriend talk about being in the best shape of her life when she was in her early 50’s. She will always add that the feeling she got from looking so good was better than sex. I have pondered this for the past year, usually culminating in the thought that it really just depends how good the sex is. And more important than how good is the sex, it is what we are comparing it to. I readily admit to having a somewhat limited field of view when it comes to sex. I am and always have been a very sexually active male. but I have never watched porn or read sexual material so my views are more shaped by what is in my face.

This morning after our little morning chat it occurred to me what might qualify as better than sex even though it is very closely related to sex. I have never felt that I had attained the kind of trust from a woman that I had always longed for, the kind of trust that you both know would never be broken no matter what happened between you. In my last relationship we were together for 24 years. We were very rocky for maybe the first 12 of that with both of us cheating on each other. After awhile we realized how much we liked each other and gradually started growing closer. As we got older the quality of certain aspects of the sex started gradually going down but the intimacy continued to grow, slowly but it was growing. I found myself relishing that and enjoying every tid bit that came my way. We were becoming more and more affectionate to one another which led to improved sexual activity again. But it was the trust factor that was the overwhelming turn on. She passed a couple of years ago and we hadn’t yet reached the level I always longed for but I am thankful for the level we reached.

I find myself now looking for that in women. I enjoy the feeling of the " Best is yet to come" that goes along with true intimacy. If I don’t see it heading in that direction I tend to ignore all the other good things going on in a relationship and want to move on. What is your Better than Sex" ?


Sex is the greatest thing in the world - except for a nice MLT - mutton, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomatoes are ripe…they’re so perky, I love that.

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Things being better than sex depends upon your age an experiences. There are many people I would never want to have sex with, so an ice cream cone would be better than having sex with them. And then there people I would give up everything to have a true loving sexual relationship with.

So I guess the answer is it depends. But definitely no if you are wearing Depends.

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

A good scalp massage, especially if you have a headache.

A hot shower after a cold ride.
Ba-dum tish

If one finds something they feel is better than sex, they may want to give some thought to the possibility that they’re not doing sex right.

I was once giving my gf a massage as a prelude to fun-times when I realized she was sound asleep. :laughing:

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What’s Better than Sex? It’s a cake recipe that my mother got in the 1970s. Bake a white or yellow cake. While that’s baking, make up butterscotch pudding (the cook-type, not the instant-type); add in a package of cream cheese. When the cake comes out, poke holes in it; spread the pudding mixture over the still-warm cake. Cool. Cover with whipped cream and nuts. I think I have everything.

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Trying to read the OP was definitely not better than sex.

I’m sure she really loved it though!

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Heh. If you ever hear her talk about how great I am in bed, it’s massage she’s bragging about. :mask:


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Matter of perspective. There are a gazillion common occurrences that weigh more heavily negative and for far longer than any positive event of the flesh I can think of.

I dunno. Depends on my mood. Sometimes a good shit.