Is sex overrated?

Please tell us if you’re male or female.

I’m a male and find sex to be overrated, though there are a lot of factors that might make me feel as though it is. Some are private, but a big one is that I’m on anti-depressants.

Male. I don’t find that it’s overrated at all. But the experience is so dependent on one’s (or two’s or three’s or more) particular circumstances that it is futile to make a general statement about it.

Having said that, it may be overrated, it may be underrated, but there’s sure nothing else like it.

Not over rated. I’m as fantastic as everyone says.

Male, 50. married.

Overrated compared to what? After all these years it is still one of my favourite hobbies, from idle daydreams about girls at the beach up to and including the actual act with my wife.

Not overrated.

ETA: male

Overrated in some ways, like when people base an entire relationship on it when they have nothing else in common.

Underrated in some ways, like when people blithely suggest other people be celibate.

Female, married.

Yes, overrated compared to what? Nothing like a good orgasm, but I’ll give you that in many cases, fantasy is better than the reality. Fantasizing about sleeping with someone can rock your world. Actually sleeping with them might or might not be good, depending on what kind of lover they are.

But with a lover that cares, and understands you, there’s nothing like it.

When sex is right, it is the best thing in the world, ever.

But you’ve got to be in the mood, have the right partner, your partner has to be in the mood, and you need the right time and place. In practice it’s not really as difficult as all that sounds, having the right attitude and the right partner is the main thing. I think many times if people are tired or not really in the mood, they should just try, quite often you start getting into it.

Male. I don’t know how what rating sex is supposed to have, but I’ve been pretty satisfied with it, and I’m pretty skeptical and difficult to satisfy about many things. Also, I’d rate lack of sex pretty low, so compared to that, sex may actually be underrated.

Female. Overrated. If I never had it again, I’d be perfectly fine with that. Then again, I’m also aware this isn’t an entirely ‘normal’ viewpoint.

I’ve no idea. :smiley:

I think it’s overrated if you were to put a price tag on it as they are able to do in places that it’s legal.
Similar if you were in a head-ache inducing financially draining relationship where all you had in common was the sex.
But as one of the free perks for being in a loving relationship with someone it’s pretty great.

Male here. It’s not overrated to me.

Male, 51.

I miss it, haven’t functioned in that area since 2004, due to my disability. It used to be very important.

Female. I’ve thought it was overrated at times in the past (mostly due to inept lovers), but have vastly changed my mind as I have gotten older. So, I agree that it could depend on the circumstances.

When its good its good. And when you don’t get it for years on end, particularly in your younger years just the thought of it sounds like Nirvanna after awhile.

However, I think you could say its overated in that if you were asked if wanted to do fun activity X OR have sex you would chose sex every single time. I don’t think that would happen. And people do on occasion pass on sex they could get so its apparently is is not better than chocolate flavored redbull with crack in it.

I guess I would say its overated in the way popular media portrays how good good sex is and how often the sex is that good or just good for that mater.

I have mixed feelings about this one.

A lot of people would rather have sex than do just about anything else - read a book, see a movie, watch TV, etc. I am - at least sometimes - not that person. I enjoy being intellectually stimulated as much as I enjoy being sexually stimulated.

In some ways it’s the most important thing. I know that, because there was a period of several years (nine. nine years.) where it hardly ever happened with my husband. I felt guilty, but I didn’t think we were missing anything that really mattered. But now Sr. Olives and I have had a revolution of sorts. I am just now starting to get used to the idea of regular sex. And now that it has been a regular thing I wish I’d gotten here sooner. Having sex is nice, but having sex with someone you love more than anything - well, that’s beyond words. And it affects the rest of the relationship quite a bit. I tried to compartmentalize it in the past, but it can’t be compartmentalized. It’s a part of the whole.

If you think so, you’re doing it wrong.

You’re definitely doing it wrong.

My age is 31, btw.

Maybe I’ve been ‘doing it wrong’. lol.