What is Dick Cheney thinking ?

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, I’ve been in a panic for a few days and then relax for a few days and then another panic because of something I hear on the news. The President is telling us to return to normal and I’m trying but that’s not so easy, especially since Dick Cheney is hiding out, but I’m still trying, so now I’m watching Good Morning America, and there was something about The Vice President saying that this could be the first war where we have more deaths in America then with the soldiers, because we should expect more attacks. This has me scared, confused, and really upset. Am I the only one that feels this way ? Am I panicing too much ?

Dick Cheney has a bad heart and could go at any minute. He’s been this way for years. Apparently he just wants to share the joy of “living in the moment” with the rest of America. In a turn around from the last Administration, he wants us to feel his pain. It’s part of the whole compassionate Republican thing. (Hey, they’re new at this, cut them some slack)

That was my reaction too. I guess it’s a healthy reaction given that the vice president is saying (or seeming to say) that more civilians are going to die and there isn’t much he can do about it.

I wish the media (and the public) wouldn’t keep pressuring Cheney into making public appearances right now. He’s a competent enough man in his way but it’s obvious that he doesn’t have much charisma.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

See, the bad guys need to realize that this is the guy who will be deciding whether or not the US Army burns their houses, villages, women and children. Not some weeny Democrat, not even some rich oil guy watching his daughters grow up, but a middle aged white guy who wants to see people die before he does. They better pony up. Quickly.

Can you provide a cite on this? I’d like to read the quote before I go out on a limb but my gut feeling not having actually heard this statement is that he was referencing the 5000+ already dead and that we’ll hopefully not have anywhere near that number of ground troops killed as we take bin Laden.

And the " this is compassion?" remark… I don’t think my ass could endure any more of the compassion it suffered through during Prickgate.

I like Cheney and am so relieved a person of character finally is in that office. I never did get used to the lies comming out of the White OutHouse and frankly appreciate his candor.

I just looked at the ABC website, and I can’t find it there. The Good Morning America news anchor mentioned it while he was reporting the news.

Cheney is indeed cool.
Al Gore was not a person of character?

I think Cheney is try to steel our reslove by telling us the truth. In a time of war we need to acknowledge there will be casualties. Because of the nature of our enemy these casualties are likely to be civilians. In a time of war soldiers must accept the possibility of casualties because the alternative is worse. In this war we are all targets and we should know this and be vigilant.

Here is what I found on the ABC News site, and what I heard quoted on NPR this morning:

As the OP stated, this does not inspire the greatest of confidence that our government can protect it’s people. But in fairness to Cheney and others this likely the truth, and I personally would prefer and ugly truth over a palatable lie.

“… an ugly truth over a palatable lie”
That’s pretty eloquent, ShibbOleth. Nice job.

And dragongirl, I fully realize that other radical moles likely exist but I think just being prudent in our plans and activities is a better response than letting worry adversely affect our health and lifestyle.

I was three blocks from the park and heard the explosion when the Atlanta Olympics bomb exploded. We’d left about 35 minutes before. We knew beforehand there might be trouble and went anyway. We knew afterwards there could be more incidents but stayed. I’m sickened that someone died but the overall experience was for us very positive. Then, like now, it brought out a lot of the best in people.

Cheney’s being honest, but let’s face it, the odds of any of us being killed or injured in a terrorist attack are pretty slim. 99% of the people in NYC survived the WTC and the anthrax attacks, 99% of the people in Washington, DC survived the Pentagon and anthrax attacks. By “survived” I don’t mean that they escaped those events unscathed, certainly many of the people who live in those areas will be dealing with psychological problems for many years to come, but that beats dying by a long shot.

In a way, I think that we’ve become too soft in America. We’ve forgotten how much death and suffering are a part of the natural order of things. We’re all going to die at some point, so we might as well do our best to enjoy ourselves while we’re here (we may never get the chance to again).

If you worry about terrorists killing you, then they’ve won. If you live your life as best you can as though nothing happened, then you’ve won. Its that simple.

And if we kill the murdering SOBs, do we win extra points?
I want our soft times back.

They just released a new version of “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” Given the uncertainty over Dick Cheney’s location these days, I think they missed an opportunity here. :wink:

It isn’t just Dick Cheney issuing statements like this.

Our Treasurer publicly stated the other day that Australia is now at higher risk of a terrorist attack than Israel.

Historically, the Australia media gets D-notices slapped all over it during times like this. Right now, we’re being told to expect the worst.

In our case, this probably has more to do with the scar which Vietnam left on our national psyche than any other factor. Our involvement in Vietnam brought down a government of the same political party as currently holds office. That government is currently facing the voters in a few weeks and knows damn well that the electorate needs to be convinced that there is more behind our rapid expansion of our commitment to the “war on terrorism” than a desire on the part of our PM to curry favour with the US. There’s not much short of a credible threat to our own national security which would convince Australians to allow our ground troops to be sent into such heavily mined territory as Afghanistan under any other banner than that of the UN.

It’s politically astute of our PM to make these statements at the moment, as he can later claim a “mandate” for the action. At no point can the voting public say that they weren’t fully informed before they returned the current government to office.

Our government (and opposition) is covering its ass in case “the worst” happens; I suspect that more than one other Western government is doing the same.

Similar to what Tuckerfan said above, I thought people might find that this article from today’s Sydney Morning Herald offers some perspective.

“Cheney is indeed cool.
Al Gore was not a person of character?”
Oh ,Yes indeed Mr. Gore was a person of character! LOL!

I am thankful that we have Mr. Cheney in this coutries time of need.

I thought Conservatives got off on Tipper and her music censoring stuff. Nice profile.

And I’m SO proud that he chose himself for this role. What a GREAT person of character!