What is edible underwear made of?

Watching “Designing Women” tonight they were talking about edible underwear.

Now I was wondering just what is it made of? What does it taste like? Is it flimsy? Could you wear it like regular underwear and then just eat it? (OK that has got to be the stupidest question ever asked)


They can be made of rice paper, gelatins or fruit pectins I suppose. By fruit pectins I’m referring to the venerable “peel and eat”. <insert smirking smilie here>

This also reminds me very little of the famous Hollywood producer who would throw pool parties and hand out gelatin swim suits to the guests.

The sole pair that I’ve seen in person were made out of a “fruit roll-up” type stuff, with licorice whips for side ties.

I can’t imagine what a mess it would make if someone tried to eat their way through while they were being worn.

It makes one hell of a sticky mess, and the manufacturers thoughtfully add a red dye that is very hard to wash off.

So next time you see a guy looking pinkish around the mouth (and nose and cheeks, depending in his enthusiasm), just give him a knowing look :wink:

I once had to test some to see if they were suitable for eating, microbiologically speaking. (They were, but organoleptic evaluation was not required in the test process - ie we didn’t have to taste/smell them).

But can’t you just imagine the Monday morning phonecall to work: “Geez Boss, I can’t come in today, I’m sick as a dog.” “Wazzup, bad takeaway?” “Nah, off knickers”.

The only pair I have ever encountered was made of fruit-rollup stuff too, and the strings were the same stuff.

I’ll second that and add that they taste horrendous- the edible underpants, that is.

It really isn’t worth it. Cleaning all that crap up will ruin the mood.

Stick to the tried and trued- some scented candles, a little music, and some sweet talk.

Or do what I did, buy a fog machine.

I’ve got a pretty good imagination thanks. Of course as I’ve always said there’s nothing like hands on experience.

Now I’m hungry.

In my experience Edible Underwear isn’t, and Tasty Pasties aren’t. They make this stuff for novelty value and long shelf life. You wouldn’t buy food that way, so don’t buy your sex-play things that way either.

By the way, chocolate syrup, honey, etc. taste good, but get really messy. Try “honey dust” or canned cake frosting.

And they’re hard to wash afterwards – you can’t just put them in the machine with the rest of your underwear.:o

Had edible condoms once. Umm… not for use to prevent pregnancy or disease.

They were fruit roll up material. The girlfriend said they didn’t taste that great, they also made a heck of a mess and I had to go wash it off before I could… …wait, this is GQ and not MPSIMS. Almost forgot.