What is first decade of 21st century called?

Dear All:
It is commonly referred to as “the 9/11 decade” – in US journalism, pencil & electronic press, political science, & history books; but generally not so outside of the United States.
Sincerely: – Keith Lyons


Is this the article you’re referring to?

What will the first decade of the 21st century called?

It’s considered helpful to other members if you link to the article you’re commenting on. Also, notice the date in the article is January 1, 1975, so September 11, 2001, was still 26 years into the future when it was written.

I’ve always liked the “Naughty Noughties” myself, but play around with the spelling if you wish.

That keeps getting suggested, yet no one uses it.

I’ve never heard the term before. It seems unwieldy and jingoistic. can you provide an example of this usage?

At least in the British media it’s quite common.

I’ve always heard Noughties (Brit again)

Dear Keith:

No it’s not. Isn’t it fun to exchange unsupported claims?

Sincerely: – Powers

Commonly used where? It’s not that it can’t be found on the internet, but it is usually in stories that have something to do with the 9/11 incident and/or the following war.

I don’t know why we feel so concerned about declaring a name for the decade. If there is to be a generally accepted name for the decade it will happen organically with out a committee being appointed.

We’re trying to find out if one has appeared organically.

“The noughties” appears to be fairly common, mostly for the play on words.

I’ll bet you that the first decade of the 21st century won’t get named until we start naming the one we are currently in ‘the teens’. Then, we may well choose ‘the beginning of the century’ or something equally cumbersome until some crafty young person coins a new term which will catch on like wildfire and forever sunder our populace into those who ‘get it’ and those who don’t.

What did we call the previous century’s 00s decade? The nineteen hundreds is probably the most common. (Then the nineteen tens, the twenties, the thirties…)

I’ve never heard anyone genuinely call the 2000s the naughties. I think we’ll probably settle on the two thousands as time goes on.

Which is quite odd, really - at least the Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties were referred to as such while I was living in them.

I’ve most often heard the “two thousands”, probably leftover hype from the millennium. FWIW, it’s listed that way here. It will be interesting to see if that sticks once the technical “two thousands” includes more than a decade.

I use “ought-five”, etc., for individual years, as many people did a hundred years ago, but I’ve never used either “oughties” or “noughties”. “Nineteen-hundreds” was used for 190x, but you’ll note that “eighteen hundreds” isn’t used in the same way, due to the ambiguity, and I imagine “nineteen-hundreds” will soon succumb to the same problem. People are resisting “twenty-hundred” in all forms, anyway.

I suspect that society will eventually fall back on some nonnumeric term, just as the 180x decade is most likely to be called “the Regency” or “the Napoleonic era”, though either is imprecise. “The 9/11 decade” might indeed win out in time, or some reference to Bush or… Harry Potter, for aught I know. Who can say?

I think that we will find that like the first two decades of the 1900s there is not a widely used nickname for the years 2000 to 2009 and 2010 to 2019. once we hit 2020 it will be the twenties etc. just like last century. Sometimes a pithy nick name doesn’t come around and people somehow muddle through.

I would say the early 2000s, or more specifically, the year. I say “early 1900s” when referring to 1900-1910 or so, so there’s that continuity for me. “Noughties” just sounds silly as far as I’m concerned. Who uses “nought” for zero (except maybe Jethro Bodine)?

“Noughties” offends me aesthetically. I may just have any recollections of the decade erased and pretend it never existed.

I’ve been known to call the decade past the “uh-oh-s” (00’s). I was trying to get it to catch on but evidently I failed to bribe the non existant committe enough.