What is happening to Romney here?

Not getting into politics on GQ, don’t worry. I just wondered if anyone saw this and can explain what on earth is going on here.

That looks like his wife putting her hands on his ears - probably a mock “don’t listen to that, Mitt”

Exhibitionist foreplay with role reversal to make it interesting – she’s giving him head.

My guess: He got asked a question and she was physically instructing him that the answer was no. (If it was after 2012, which I think it was since he was there to talk about “new life,” it was probably if he was going to run for president again.)

Read his lips, he’s saying “Hummina hummina hummina hummina…”

This seems like a good guess. I wonder if you are right!

It’s from CBS This Morning, 15 November 2013. They’re talking about potential candidates for the 2016 Republican nomination. One of the female hosts asks Gov. Romney a question I can’t make out but which was probably something like “Will you run again?” Mrs. Romney then grabs his head and shakes it for him as he answers “You know, it was a fabulous experience, I loved it, but we’re not doing that again.” https://youtu.be/MwZkSOXwchY?t=310

Wow! Imoressive, thank you. How did you know the date and everything?

I did a google video search for Ann Romney and CBS This Morning and scrolled through the results until I found a clip where she was wearing that same outfit.

Nice sleuthing!

I cannot help but hear a cow-bell clanking when I watched that.

Invisible motorboat