What is it with kids and fire these days??

It’s 7 PM, do you know what your kids are doing?

I was always fast to scoff when people predicted that kids would get hurt trying to do stuff they saw on TV. After all, I grew up watching Wile E. Coyote fall, explode, catapult, and otherwise cheat death, yet I never felt compelled to ape him. I suppose it’s because my mom told me it was TV and not “real”. Don’t moms and dads tell this to their kids these days?

Yet another reason to avoid the mall…

That level of stupidity is truly scary.

It aint the kids, it’s the parents. Ok, maybe it’s the kids.

I too have seen some seriously violent and crazy anime as a kid (on prime time japanese television no less) and a part from some need for high speed driving, I have no crazy tendances.

I just hope these kids are the exception and not the rule.

You know, sometimes it really is okay to point at someone and laugh.

It’s like they say about the Darwin Awards. Natural selection in action.

It’s true, kids these days are burning far too quickly. In the old days a kid could last twenty minutes or longer. Now they burn for hardly five. Mind you all that fat means I no longer need to use fightlighters.

<Beavis>…FIRE!!..fire!!..FIRE!!!.. heh heh…FIRE!!!<Beavis>