What is meant by a "Basic Woman"?

I’ve been accused of being a “basic woman.” I have no idea what this means, except that it was clearly meant as an insult.

I did some googling around and found a lot of contradictory or just too obviously inappropriate stuff:

Too old a reference, and just doesn’t fit me in the least.

Very obviously not calling me a porcelain doll.

This seems to be in line with what they meant, but I still have no clue whatsoever. And who the heck is Lauren Conrad?!?
Help me out here, Dopers! What is meant by this?

My first assumption would be low-maintenance, or no frills.

And this is Lauren Conrad: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauren_Conrad

(Note that this link is going to a different definition than your urban dictionary link).

Can you give us some context?

Depending on who says it and how it is intended, I could see it being an insult, a compliment, or a neutral remark.

My initial reaction is that a basic person is one that doesn’t really have anything extraordinary about them. Their lives are: wake up, go to work, come home, watch TV.

:confused: My initial reaction is that whoever said that doesn’t speak English as their native language, or at least not US English, because that phrase has no clearcut meaning.

That just has no realtionhip to my life at all. I can’t hang a speck of possible meaning on it.

I read the whole list, and the only tiny piece that applies is the granny panties. I do prefer cotton. These ladies have no way of knowing that about me though. I suppose it could be assumed by my otherwise comfort-oriented style.

Two ladies gossiping in that close-up evil manner who said this about me and then gasped and stopped talking when they saw me in the doorway. “That TruCelt is just a BASIC woman.”

I’ve heard it in context of “basic bitch.” From what I can gather, it’s a woman who’s basically incredibly, almost gleefully ordinary. Drab, bland, dull.

From this link:

They’re just jealous of your high pH.

I like your answer better. :slight_smile:

More signs of a basic bitch.

:confused: But … that’s essentially what slang is. We have tons of phrases that mean something completely different than what the words (individually or all together) indicate.

  • Pushing the envelope

  • Going postal

  • Going/quitting cold turkey.

And so on.

Of course they usually have their origins connected to some societal aspect or concept that makes sense upon explanation but isn’t immediately apparent based on the words themselves (like “going postal” based on the post office employee who shot up his workplace).

Are you boring and droll?

Interesting. I guess it’s like the female equivalent of a male Average Joe who’s obsessed with gadgets and sports talk radio and has a “man cave” (blech).

I’m a straight guy and when I was dating, I used to get frustrated about basically meeting the same woman over and over. They would freak out about the idea of stepping outside of their comfort bubble … which always seemed to revolve around some combination of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Renaissance “Faires”, Rocky Horror Show, David Bowie, Robert Downey Jr., gay male culture, internet memes, etc. Thought it was just my weird luck - never realized there was actually a term for it!

It kinda helps if you think of it in the context of comparison.

“I’m fabulous! I’m exciting! I’m all that! I’m hot stuff! You’re basic.”

I think it’s more of a put down than a hard-lined descriptor.

Don’t let it bother you, most Java programers think they are God’s gift to the world.

Sorry, too much shorthand in my post. “This is not a common slang term; in fact I have never heard it said; it sounds like something a nonnative speaker would say because they got the slang half-wrong.”

The slang term is “basic bitch” not “basic woman”; they’re rude enough to insult her in earshot but too polite to insult her correctly?

To be clear, “going postal” is a slang phrase with a clearly understood meaning (“flipping out violently at work”) that arose in a certain context and is generally recognized within the culture of the US. Random shit people just made up on the spot is not slang. Until other people use the term its just some shit they said.

If someone wants to refer to someone flipping out at work and they say “he went completely grocery store” it has no meaning.

I’ve heard it in the context of low maintenance, like a neighbor woman everyone likes.

Whatever it means, it’s a step above what they are. :cool:

It means you’re just a standard Woman version 1.0. You don’t have any of the upgrades, accessories or downloadable content.