What is the bell symbol?

To the right of

  • New Topic


  • Open draft

is a bell symbol.

Would someone tell me its purpose? Thank you!

I’m not sure which screen you’re looking at, but if you’re in a thread, the bell (and it’s variants) are related to your subscription to the thread.
Try clicking on it and you should get some options to choose from.

It’s what type of notifications you have for a given thread.

I don’t know if I have subscribed to anything???

Do you get the notifications/numbers on the “S” at the upper right hand corner?

I’m lost! And not very tech savvy if you haven’t noticed. :grin:

Thank You!!!

Every single thread, by default, is set to “normal” notifications, which means you only get a notification if somebody mentions you specifically or replies to one of your posts.

When you post to a thread, it gets changed to either watching or tracking - I forget which by default. In your user settings, you can tell it what to do when you post to a thread.

You can also change any thread at any time by clicking the bell and selecting a different notification level.

Thanks again.

Thank you! Yes, I do. The last time I got on SD there was a yellow “2” on the bottom of my S for two recent replies.

If you go to those threads, you’ll find that the bell looks different due to the different notification settings.

Okay, I’ll check it out later. I’m creating a new topic in MPSIMS. No bell here.

Thanks again everyone! I clicked on the bell in my new thread in MPSIMS and saw the options Johnny_Bravo posted in post #6.

Correction - It’s what type of notifications you have for a given forum.

She’s talking about the bell next to New Topic, which is a forum setting, not a thread setting.

Oh shit, look at that. I never even noticed it before.

Try this link,

Thank you!