Why is Safari sending me a notification for every response to this thread?

Is there something about the way the below thread was set up or changed when it got renamed that is making this happen?

Hamas attacks Israel, October 2023.

Check the notifications options at the bottom of the thread. It gives four different options. Sounds like you may have accidentally bumped it up to the highest notification option.

Thank you. I’ll give that a try.

In my case this happens whenever I create a thread because it defaults to “Watching”. I need to change it to “Tracking” for it to behave normally.

Since you are the OP in that thread, renaming it might have reset it as if it was a new thread you had just created.

I agree. When I create a thread, I get an alert on my avatar in the upper-right corner of the message board. If I don’t go to the thread, then after an interval I receive an email. This is Watching mode. If I no longer have anything relevant to say in my own thread, I’ll switch to Tracking. In that mode, I can see when there are new posts in the thread, but I don’t receive a notification. In Normal mode, you are only notified if someone responds to you, quotes you, or tags you.

If you go to your Preferences page, there’s a tab for Email which lets you set your email preferences independent of a thread’s status.