What is the best CHEAP beer you've ever had?

Here’s some brews that were not hard on the pocketbook nor the taste buds, per case:

Red Dog
Rolling Rock

I’ll second rolling rock

Genesse Beer, distilled in Western New York and only found in Western New York. Cheep and tasted good. Unfortunately I moved to North Carolina and I can’t get it anymore. Well I just buy about 5 cases whenever I go back home to visit…Speaking of which I’m almost out, NY here I come


I’ll third Rolling Rock.

Milwaukee’s Best - Ice. In the grocery stores, it’s only $3.99 / a 12-pack.

My friend, a Miller Brewery employee, said it’s the most expensive beer to brew and it has the highest alcohol content, but it’s the cheapest beer they sell. Go figger.

Took me a few sips to get used to the flavor, but for the quick buzz, it’s worth it.

Sainsbury’s Biere d’Alsace – for an own-brand supermarket beer, it’s one of the nicest bottled lagers I’ve had.

King Cobra – it’s Velvety!

I’m no beer expert, but I’m gonna have to say Rolling Rock, too.

I love Rolling Rock - but it is in no way cheap around here.

Milwaukee’s Best is what I’m drinking now - in fact at home it’s all we drink - $7.99 a case and no sales tax!!!

I don’t think Rolling Rock or Mickeys is very cheap. Though I can afford any beer I want, some cheap beers have the taste I really like. My favorites are:

Kinsburry ($6.99/case)
Red, White, & Blue ($7.99/case)
Grain Belt (I’ve gotten it for $4.99/case, but havent seen it around since 1997).

Not only are these my favorite cheap beers, they make my top ten list of my favorite beers…period! Along with Sam Adams and Heineken, the most expensive beers. Go figure.

I’m on a diet and haven’t had any beer for 3 weeks!:eek: It’s killing me!

Gallo. No, really, its a lager made in Guatemala. Delicious, and costs almost nothing.

Oh, can’t get that in your location? I have an inexplicable fondness for Yeungling Traditional Lager. Just popped one of those bad boys a moment ago. Mmmmmmm.

Otherwise, Rolling Rock; I live in PA, where it’s relatively cheap. When I lived in Texas, Lone Star was the poison of choice, but you can’t get it around here.

The same can be said for my nominee, National Bohemian, known in the Baltimore area as Natty Boh. At my local package store it can be had for $2.35 a six-pack. And it’s pretty close to Budweiser in taste.

To get trashed: Milwaukee’s Best Ice…very cheap for the alcohol content.
Otherwise: Budweiser Ice: Decent taste, 5.5 alcohol, less than $3.50 a six pack.
Personally, I prefer Guiness.

Shiner Bock. From somewhere in Texas. I’m not sure if it is considered cheap, but I had it in cans. Mighty surprising.

And Mickey Big Mouths with the pilfer-proof cap. The only cheap beer that tastes better warm. Great for camping and fishing.

I remember the old days, back when Leinenkugel was under its original owners (not Miller or whatever huge beer company bought it.) We used to drive to Wisconsin and buy cases of Leinenkugel Bock for something like $6/case. By far the best beer for the price.

Yes, yes, yes! They don’t sell this anywhere around here anymore, but it is wonderful stuff! And Rolling Rock is in no way a cheap beer.

RW&B. One of the best aftertastes in the world of barley pop. And it has the best looking cans ever. They don’t get much more generic looking. In fact, in college me and the roommates threw a “Jen” party. Invited all the girls named “Jen” we knew (there were a lot of them), gave every non-Jen a “Jen” nametag, served Jen & tonics and Jen-eric beer. RW&B featured prominently.

Knickerbocker Beer. A local brew that was – at least as of a decade ago – available in various parts of New York State, and probably not elsewhere. It was cheap American beer (and proud of it!) but it had a nice taste.

Good ol Pottsville, PA.

Mmmmm, Indeed. That was going to be my suggestion. I’m not sure If $14 for a case of bottles qualifies as cheap, but you really cannot beat that stuff for the price. Even not for the price. I’d drink that over most imports.
Sadly, I can’t get it down here in GA. Only on the trips back to PA. Where in PA do you live, R88?

Henry Weinhards private reserve is my fav mid to cheap level beer, you can get it for 4.50 a six pack in montana, but unfortunately i live in new england where it is not available.

other than that… mgd, or icehouse if i plan on not remembering the night