What is the deal with Kellyanne Conway and George Conway?

Kellyanne works for Trump and defends him in the media. George constantly publicly bashes Trump. Ok. That definitely has to be a tense household.

In the most recent episode, the Huffpost is saying he “fact-checked” her publicly after her CNN interview.

What is going on between those two? Is the marriage a sham and they enjoy duking it out in public? But this has been going on for a while and they are still married.

Is this a fetish of some sort?

They have four young children and I feel so bad for them.

PS. I didn’t put this in elections, because neither of them is a politician. Nor were they elected.

She’s the end result of money trumping ethics in American political culture. Her job is to vomit up fear, doubt and uncertainty and she gets paid for it.

The husband apparently isn’t sufficiently concerned with her behaviour to leave her so I suppose he’s a mealy mouthed poser as well.

James Carville and Mary Matalin are still together, despite being political opposites.

Strange bedfellows.

Remember the episode where Wile E Coyote and the sheepdog would exchange polite greetings before punching in and go to battle? Probably more like that than some constant screaming match where you need to worry about the children.

Being on opposite sides of the political aisle is one thing. Disagreeing about what’s factually true is a completely different matter.

Yeah, it’s really that simple. Like most of the people in the Trump administration, she’s just a hack–an unprincipled opportunist. I don’t know much about her husband, but I’m sure he can appreciate that her paycheck goes to pay college tuition for those kids.

It’s just as unacceptable that we–the people–were paying $180,000 annual salaries for useless idiots like Sebastian Gorka, Omarosa Manigault-Newman and Hope Hicks. I’m sure there are many more useless pieces of shit who are still there getting that kind of pay.

Meanwhile, a school teacher working his or her ass off, and actually accomplishing something useful, can’t even imagine making half as much.

Carville/Matalin have said that politics is their job and they can leave it at the door when they come home. Perhaps the Conways feel the same and view the fact-checking or one-upping as part of the ‘game’ (George isn’t in politics professionally). It’s not a dynamic I would want in my marriage but I won’t just assume that they go home hating one another or don’t respect each other.

Reading Wiki to confirm that “not in professional politics” thing, I see that George used to date Laura Ingram and was introduced to Kellyanne by Ann Coulter. So maybe blonde Republican hacks is his thing.

It could very well be that BOTH Conways hate Trump.

Wow, kids these days. You’d think they could wait until they got to the privacy of their own home.

AND, since their votes cancel each other out, they can take time off to vote but stay home and make whoppie!

My guess is that they actually agree, just not publicly. George is a long-time conservative Republican, as is Kellyanne. George is still a conservative Republican, Kellyanne works for someone who isn’t. When I work at my job, I don’t always agree with my management. Sometimes I completely disagree with the direction they are going, but my job is to advance their agenda regardless of whether I agree or not. My guess is that Kellyanne is doing a job and doing very well at it, but probably not a ‘True-Believer.’ She’s a career climber who sees an opportunity that she might not have in any other White House and she’s taking it. She has her own agenda, but she knows where her bread is buttered. George doesn’t have any such need to maintain a facade. He’s a ‘Never Trumper’ who thinks that Trump is an idiot and sees no use for him. He is also making sure that the family has an out if(when?) the Trump regime comes crumbling down. My guess is that neither are idiots and each is well aware of the impact of their actions. It would not surprise me if they discuss at night exactly how far George should go and how Kellyanne should respond.

Whoppie? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Yep, this exactly. I do not respect or like Kellyanne Conway for what she is doing now but I do believe this is the underlying situation.

I like this picture. It sorta makes sense to me.

It is hard to imagine Sarah Sanders actually believing a tenth of what she says. So I guess KAC might be in the same boat.

Note that several fringe radio show hosts and whatnot claim that they don’t really believe what they spout, it’s just an act. I’m not so sure about these claims.

If it is an act, then it’s like a married couple where one plays a scumbag on a TV show but is actually nice in real life, so the spouse has no problem being around them.

But I have major doubts given how stupidly she says things without realizing the nonsense she just spewed. Stuff that doesn’t help anyone, esp. her. There’s not enough brains there to carry out an act.