What's up with the Conways? How does that marriage work?

I never understood this.

maybe it’s purely sexual.

That’s my guess.

I mean, look at Kellyanne then at George. It’s still my guess.

Maybe they think they’re going to be the next Matalin and Carville.

Maybe she leaks like a sieve to the press.

A married couple need not agree on everything.
But they are pushing the outer limits as to what could be comfortably maintained. IMO

I thought that too, but I don’t remember Carville trashing Matalin and her work to the extent George does with Kellyanne.

No maybe about it. But not as a marital aid. Um, I mean …, you know.

I think it’s pure cynicism. These are people who adopt a public stance solely for professional reasons which is not at all how they view themselves personally. If you’re a cynic it’s much easier to get along with a fellow cynic even if their public persona is at odds since you “get it”.

This is my take. It’s all essentially a type of performance art.

My thoughts as well.

I’ll bet Kelly even helps her husband by giving him inside information to work with. Or pointing out things he may have missed.

Political punditry in this country is little more than a verbal version of professional wrestling. It just surprises me how many in the audience root for the heels.

My Wife and I have differing political beliefs and don’t fight tooth and nail over them.

I know they’re fictional sitcom characters, but Archie & Edith? Or misanthropic performance artists works, too: Keep 'em squabbling amongst themselves and we can pick up the money from both sides of the argument du jour.

Maybe they have a BDSM streak and get off on the adversarial politics.

We are friends with a very similar couple. They are a perfect match in every way except for politics, and it works for them.

KellyAnne has always, always endorsed Trump, to the point of worship. I said a long time ago she is in love with him.

So maybe George wears orange face paint and a bad wig in bed.

I did this thread a year ago as well. It is bizarre.

I just hope they write a tell-all book at the end of this.

Sorry, friend. I couldn’t find any posts about it.

I’ll read the thread you started.

They’re rich, straight, white people, so the politics they disagree on is some abstract thing that affects people they don’t know. They’re not someone who’s very likely to be forced into gay conversion therapy, have their marriage declared illegal, unable to afford a flight to get an abortion in a state where it’s legal, prevented from voting, have to decide between keeping their house or paying for their kid’s medical treatment, or randomly killed by the police for being the wrong color, or anything along those lines, or to have any of that happen to their friends or family, so it’s easy for them to say ‘oh, it’s just politics’ and treat it as impersonal. Also from a quick reading they’re both right wingers, so they’re really just disagreeing about one specific person and not on any fundamental principles.

This is a lot of it. It’s actually common for Democrats and Republicans to partner together when founding political consulting / messaging firms. It makes it easier in a business where the rise and fall of political parties can affect revenue. Then the principals of the firm yell at each other on TV on Sunday morning.