James Carville and Mary Matalin--interesting marriage

They have to be the poster child couple for the concept of opposites attract right? I find them one of the most interesting couples in politics, yet their strange bedfellow marriage seems very successful. They have been married since 1993 and have two children. I saw this exchange on CNN this morning from the spoof on SNL and they seem to truly care for each other.

How interesting election night must be at their house! My wife and I are pretty much on the same side on most issues, I can’t imagine the conflicts we would have if we were as polar opposite as these two. How do you lay down next to someone who is so opposite of your position on some very base issues? I find that amazing yet strangely appealing on some base level. Certainly never a dull moment I am sure.

With your spouse–are you polar opposite politically or in any manner, or are you very compatible? Could you live a marriage like the Carville/Matalin marriage?

FTR–my wife and I are politically aligned and for the most part we have very similar views on money, religion, work ethic, etc. Some small differences, but they are nuances not the Grand Canyon like this couple.

The key is not to define yourself by your politics. Too many people take their political views far too seriously.

I don’t know how that particular couple could not take their political views seriously. It’s what they do for a living and the basis of their fame and fortune. It’s not like they’re two private citizens who also happen to have opposite political views.

I agree with Fotheringay-Phipps. Given what these two do for a living how can you not take your politics seriously?

I would imagine that James Carville was at the inauguration parties for President Obama, and I assume his wife would join him. How awkward must that be like? Or vice-versa when President Bush had his, I assume that Mary Matalin went and Carville was the gracious husband. But damn wouldn’t that be one tough party to be at? Knowing you are the only liberal or conservative there?

I also think they both take their positions very strongly and believe in what they do. I just wonder how the hell they ever even hooked up. I can’t even imagine finding out that I am in love with someone who is my enemy/competition at work. Just a strange little love story I think.

I can’t imagine that Inaugation parties and the like are all that difficult–especially for someone like Carville or Matalin who are well known for their political opinions.

I mean, it’s a party. So you say how happy you are for the winner(s), you ask casual acquaintances about their spouses, children, retirement/vacation plans, you play “Spot the Celebrity(or VIP Politician” and decide which ladies present have the best/worst ball gowns (and maybe figures).

Yes, more informal occasions can be awkward when someone asks about politics, or talks about them in such a way that you can’t decide whether to bite your tongue or point out that the opinion being expressed is not as universal as the speaker believes it to be.

But I can’t imagine that an Inaugural Ball invites the type of indepth discussion of politics which can make some settings uncomfortable, and when you add in the fact that this is a well-known strange bedfellows marriage, no one will be shocked when the spouse whose beliefs are less well represented disagrees with some aspect of the topic under discussion.

I also would not be surprised if this particular couple doesn’t spend a lot of time arguing politics in the home–they probably get enough of that sort of stuff at the office, so when they go home, they talk family stuff. And while some folk like to argue just for argument’s sake, a lot of folk like the hope of convincing someone to change their mind once in a while–I’m not sure that this is a marriage of people with very flexible opinions on politics.

That’s not to say that election night might not be interesting at their house, just to suggest that there may be other factors at work.

The key isn’t in not taking your politics seriously, but rather to think of the other side as your political opponent rather than your political enemy. I’m sure they have spirited discussions, heck, that’s probably the big turn on in their marriage! But they probably stay on topic with the issue rather than devolve into thinking the other person is naive or evil.

When they do talk politics they probably aren’t trying to change each others minds, rather they probably use each other to get a better idea of the issue by understanding where each side is coming from.

I found the notion incredible at first, the two of them together. Then after watching them on air a couple of times Sunday mornings and how they interacted with each other, pulling no punches but never getting in the least bit angry, it became pretty apparent this is one that works no matter how opposite their ideologies.

There’s a good article on their home I recently saw in Architectural Digest. It shows a completely different side, obviously much more personal, but it’s interesting and telling in it’s own way. Don’t miss the slideshow… that woman is fearless.

They’re both evil. James is an egg-sucking half-man-half-Komodo dragon. Mary is a blood-drinking Balkan succubus. Together they fight crime!

For one thing, they’re professional political consultants, not politicians – the most spirited discussion they have about work is probably whether the Internet or direct mail is better for fund-raising.

Knowing what each other has to go through in their careers probably ties them together as much as their political views set them apart.

And I agree with Eureka on pretty much everything else.

I have a lot of differences in opinion with my boyfriend about religious and political matters. I would say this is pretty close to how it is for us.
When we discuss issues, it is in a calm way and with the understanding that we are not expecting the other person to change their view. We rarely fight about much of anything, but certainly not about politics. We “get” that people who disagree with us aren’t bad people - they just see the world differently, and that’s OK with us.
I definitely would have been missing out on something really good if I only dated people who are like me. I am pretty sure this guy is the one I will marry.

They should be shot for paint vomiting the interior of that beautiful house.

I have heard that they don’t discuss politics at all at home.

That’s only half true.

These people are not freelance political consultants, offering their services to anyone who offers. Carville works only for Democrats and Matalin only for Republicans. Presumably these reflect their deeply held views, and their public statements when not speaking on behalf on any candidate are consistent with that.

They probably do a lot of grudge-f#$%ing… :smiley:

both have mentioned that they have more to talk about than politics when they are at home. ms matalin said once they had the girls they had even more to talk about.

it does seem to be an odd match up. other than politics they do have quite a bit in common. it just has to be odd being married to voldemort.

Precisely. Politics is just business to them.

I’m so liberal that I’m borderline Socialist. My husband is a conservative Republican. Our dinner table discussions are lively, to say the least, but we have agreed to disagree, and to respect the other’s viewpoint. And we both keep a good sense of humor about our political arguments.

Frankly, I think they’re both pretty creepy.

But if you want to see some brilliant strategy watch The War Room. Lots of fun.

They are definitely an odd couple. Not just on politics; she’s smart as a whip and he’s as dumb as a box of rocks.

I would have said the exact opposite. :wink:

Seriously, he used to be considered one of the shrewdest minds in politics. (Key words “used to be”)