What is the Female:Male Ratio of the Mods Here?

Just curious.

This MB is not bound by patriarchal gender assignment roles. :smiley:

It may appear uneven, but bear in mind that women are (in general) not as moddy as men.


I think the real question being asked is whether being a mod is a good way to pick up chicks.

Negatory, good buddy.
(It is not even a good way to hang on to any one has.)

I quite sincerely thought twickster had a penis until the Christmas gift exchange.

Straight lines. So many straight lines. . . .

Are you hoping for gay lines?

At which point you thought I sent it to someone? :confused:

Hey, I’m moddy gras! :smiley:

throws beads

Show us your boobs!

That would be the male mods.:smiley:

Must have been quite a Christmas. Perhaps if we remind her of her Latin grammar and then ask her nicely she’ll change to twickstrix (or twixtwix: a female trickster with a speech impediment, bearing candy).

I will give that proposal the consideration it deserves.

The OP needs to break it down further as we don’t how many are trapped in a body of the wrong gender. Could alter the whole ratio…

For instance, “G-Factor” is supposedly male. But he has a “g-factor”? Hmm…

It’s about four to one. But mind you, I’m speaking strictly for myself.

The “G” is for “gorilla.” At least half of the Moderators of the message board are Otherkin; I thought this was generally known? :confused:

Just be happy you don’t have to see Colibri’s banana slug cosplay.