What is the first word that comes in your mind when hearing the word ISLAM?

I asked this on an other message board before the 9/11 attacks which made Islam “fashionable” in a variety of ways.
This led to interesting interaction between the members there who were for the greatest part Christians, and myself as only Muslim around.

Yet there is no comparitive religious discussion intended.

The intention of this question is to bring the participants, religious and non religous alike, to reflect on what their factual knowledge about Islam is and to compare that with what they instinctively associate Islam with.

My experience is that this brings up a lot of issues worth discussing/debating.

Salaam. A


As in the believer must surrender to Allah. I know I am supposed to think Peace first, but I still think first surrender.

Well, the more exact description is submission.

I think surrendering tends more to describe submission after you have fought first to preserve something that you think is right for you, yet you are defeated.

And yes, this submission is what is the core of the religion to which all the rest follows naturally.


Isn’t that what “Islam” translates to?

Looks like Aldebaran beat me to the punch.

However, to me, submission has much more negative connotations than surrender. Submission, to me, holds meanings of giving up/giving in. Surrender has, again to me, connotations of honor. Someone else was stronger or their arguments more logical so I surrender.

We seem to be describing the same thing, just using words that fit our particular concept of language better than others.

With Francis Thomas I tend to view God as the Hound of Heaven, so surrender works for me.


When I think of Islam I think of prayer five times a day. I don’t know why that sticks out in my head, it just does.

Interesting thread idea, Aldebaran.

Muslim, Middle East, Allah.

Mostly I get a picture in my mind of Omar Sharif.

Omar Sharif…


There is no concept of honour linked to this. There is no honour in submitting yourself to God.
God is our creator; since He created us, submission is the most natural thing to do. That has no negative connotation at all. You don’t give up anything by submitting to God who made you human, gave you your life, your very existence.

Bearded guys in white, flowing robes. happy sigh


Yes, prayer… I must confess that I’m not always such a strict Muslim when it comes to this, especially when I’m not in my country of birth. When I’m at home, it’s much esier… Because first of all you must be deaf not to hear the mosques competing with eachother to remind you that you are in an Islamic nation. :slight_smile:

It falls over you as soon as the plane hits the ground.

I must say Koran/Qu’ran. That’s the first thing.

er… Koran/Qur’an. (Dern punctuation!)

Oh, c’mon. Be honest.


Oh well, I tried out a modest short cutted Hollywood Style Arab Beard once. Yet there was some very strong and good organized opposition at the homes base, so this attempt to underline youthful manhood disappeared. And I just love to dress traditionally at home.

Ssh… That’s the answer Allie Bayan or whatever his name is wants us dumb westerners to give.

For me, the word I think of first is also Qur’an.

Yes, that is my hobby. I hide an amount of desperate Al Qaeda’s, a very skinny OBL, a lunatic Saddam and strange looking exhausted WMD’s in my basements and private caves.
You never know, if finances shouold come low by some unfortunate event… Not that the USA is interested in them (oh well, maybe Saddam since recently and for a few weeks to go) but you never know who else is looking to make a deal, no?