What is the "lampshade" device on pets' necks called?

I’m thinking of the cone-shaped device that vets use to keep dogs or cats from biting at their stitches or whatever. What is that thing called?

My vet calls it an Elizabethan Collar.

Elizabethan Collar is what I’ve always heard them called, along with “the thing the cat hid”.

Yes! That’s it, apparently…thanks!

As an aside; Naval ships in port use a similar contraption on the ropes that hold the ship to the dock. Rat catchers if I remember correctly. To stop rats from coming aboard.

We called 'em medicollars when I worked for a vet. Not sure if that’s just a brand name or what.

If you’ve ever had a dog that needed one you’d know they’re called megaphones :wink:

Not at all. When I put it on my dog this morning (knee operation) he confirmed it was a ruff.

My dog had to have one after he got himself hit by a car. It was to get him to leave the cuts on his face alone. The fam just called it a “cone collar” (nontechnical term). It also earned the dog the nickname of “Conehead the Barkarian” from my mom.

It’s called a “bucket” 'round here.

I call them hilarious!

On a semi-related note: I was inspired to ask this question because I rented One Crazy Summer, and Bosco of course has the collar…