Has anyone ever seen an eye patch for a pet?

Cat or dog. Do they exist? Who makes them?

I’ve never seen an eye patch, but once we had a kitten who had a glass eye.

I feel like there should be a pirate joke in here somewhere, but it just isn’t coming to me.

Arr, the lack of responses be taking the wind out of my sails :frowning:

What? Like, “What did the one-eyed pirate dog say to his master?”

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Holy crap! I’m a talking dog!

For the OP, I’ve known several one-eyed critters, and none of them have had eyepatches.

Animals aren’t vain. But a legit eye patch would be awesome.
Like this
Or this

Strange picture.

Are you sure that dog is bona fido?

I’ve never seen a dog or cat with an eye patch but I have seen several where the eyelid has been sewn shut. I think a patch would be impractical - how would you keep it on?

So…what’s the story behind the question?

Pullet, thanks so much! I hadn’t even been able to find a photo of one.
Not too much of a backstory, a friend has a cat who just had an eye removed due to an injury, and she thought it would be both practical to safeguard the delicate eye area for a little while until it all heals, and funny as hell to have an eyepatch wearing cat (Arr!). I told her I’d happily make one for her if we could figure out how to keep the thing on. I figured they’ve got wheelchairs for pets, someone must be making eyepatches… but, nope. I even came across an entire forum of people looking for eyepatches for their one-eyed dogs.
My plan was to put two elastic straps on, one behind the ears and one under the chin, which appears to be what they did with that Jack Russell. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Usually after an enucleation surgery the area is protected by putting an elizabethan collar on the animal since they are more likely to injure the area by pawing at it. If you put a bandage or eye patch over it you pretty much guarantee they will paw at the area to get it off. In order to bandage an eye you pretty much have to wrap around the entire head and they can often slip off, so you may think a bandage would be a good idea but it’s not really practical. If we do bandage it is only meant to be very short term if the animal has a lot of oozing through the incision immediately after surgery.

Missing eyes are not aesthetically pleasing for humans to look at but once they heal up the animal doesn’t care and they would probably not tolerate an elastic band around their head.
Here’s my one-eyed cat, Pi.

The E-collar is what is usually done. I’ve seen eyes bandages post-enucleation, partly to reduce any seroma/inflammation caused by the procedure. Still, those animals are put on E-collars (yay for them, I love them!), and the bandages are temporary.

The animal may not like that eyepatch. Unlike the wheelchair, which they realize helps them move around, an eye patch on a blind animal doesn’t help it, and annoys them.

No, but that sounds badass-looking.

Bullshit. Have you ever had a cat?

Well, I’ll absolutely make sure she’s not doing anything without the consent of the vet that performed the enucleation, but I think she did say it was currently wearing a bandage. Also, she’s absolutely not going to put it on him if it annoys him. Part of the idea was to protect and pad the bandage, assuming he might be disoriented and bump that side of his head until he adjusts. I had a friend with a dog who lost an eye, and she spent months whacking her blind side into things. I know cats are more tactile than visual movers with their whiskers, so maybe it won’t make a difference.

Pudding is all ears (and half eyes).

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or possibly Li’l Abner.

Will this do?

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Any body remember the TV show “Tales of the Gold Monkey” Jack the dog wore a patch.

Other than that. I got nothing.

Thanks to Pullet, we even know what it looks like!