What is the longets thread on this site?

This isn’t a clever way to try to create a new "LONGEST THREAD,"but if that’s what it does, that might be cool too. But seriously, how long is the longest active thread on this board? I’m new, nerdy, and inquisative.

I’d recommend you read the forum description and the rules. This thread is not a good idea in the Pit.

I don’t know either, so instead of scolding the newbie and weakly adding a disclaimer, I will simply welcome you aboard.

The longest threads are always those stupid game threads in MPSIMS just go there and look for anything like
“Do X to previous poster”
I think the current games are word games.


The “a” thread, with 5337 replies.

Berkut answered your question, but seeing that you’re new and inquisitive, I’d recommend you read these:

Wikkit’sMost Popular Threads of 2002

Meatros’sDoper of the Year

MrVisible’sIt’s time for… The 2001 Putz Awards!

Sue Duhnym’sSDMB Awards

Libertarian’sSDMB Academy of Posting Arts and Sciences


Snenc’sWatershed moments in SDMB history; or, the SDMB Anthology Project

None of them are those stupid game threads - and I think all were in the MPSIMS forum.

I recommend you might want to avoid the Pit too if you think that was a scolding. Being a newbie is no excuse. I read the forum descriptions and rules before I joined.

There’s always the What if Lord of the Rings was written by someone else. It’s neatly summarised here

I thought the “I’m not junior modding disclaimer” after coming thisclose to junior modding was laughable. I’ll be careful not to make any mistakes around you, professor. Maybe there should be some sort of seminar on “Proper Post Forum” that you can facilitate for newbies. You can wear your new “I’m not junior modding, I’m facilitating” mortarboard, and newbies will get the Homebrew Seal of ApprovalTM wallet card to carry around with them. Hell, why just have it for newbies? You can do a condensed “refresher course” for established posters. Soon everyone will have your Seal of Approval.

If the second one gets off the ground, let me know. I’ll bring pie.

In any forum, up near the top, click on “Replies”

Then, scroll down to near the bottom, and click on "from ‘the beginning’ "

This will give you, in descending order, the longest threads in each forum that are still cached.

Word of warning, tho, and I say this as the OP of one of those ultra long threads, you won’t find anything too interesting in them. After about 5 pages or so, even the most fantastic of subjects just loses its appeal for most people. Unless you happen to actually be involved in one of those threads. Then, while it’s still going on, it’s kind of fun. ymmv