What is the most 'uncommon profile' you've seen in a relationship?

Doesn’t have to be romantic, it could be a friendship.

When I mean uncommon, I’m referring to very unusual pairs based on gender/age/race/attractiveness/socio-economic/intelligence/personality etc. Hugh Hefner and his 20yr old girlfriends don’t really count because those really can’t be considered legitimate relationships as 98% of them would leave him without the money.

Do you have any stories yourself?

Most uncommon thing I can think of are two women I know who are in a romantic relationship. In addition to being a same-sex relationship, which is a good deal less common than male-female romantic relationships, these women were: (a) Nearly twenty years apart in age, and (b) Very different body types – the younger has won many regional awards for several sports, including cross-country running, weight-lifting, and softball; while the older is, well, fat.

Neighbors that my wife and I had shortly after we got married, and were living in an apartment building: a gay couple. One member of the couple was in his late 40s or early 50s, a somewhat round, balding white guy. The other member was a Filipino man, in his 20s, slender, who was an aspiring Broadway-style singer.

See, this doesn’t sound really unusual to me. That may just be because gay couples in general don’t strike me as odd. However, a couple consisting of a middle aged, roundish, balding white guy and a much younger, slender aspiring *female *singer doesn’t seem weird to me, either.

A 50 year old married Methodist minister who is the father of three and; his gay lover, a 23 year old barista, part time dancer.

This was back in 1992.

The longer I live the more diversity of satisfactory relationships I see; so the stereotypes that drive advertising and mainstream norms (usually based on religion) are more bullshit than they are valid and I’m happy to reject them. I’m certainly not going to go out of my way to point at those that don’t fit what makes the most money for churches and corporations, and no one else should either. We should be above, ‘Hey, look at the misfit!’

And here I was expecting to see things like:

MWWHP. Bigamist white male married to 2 women and a house plant looking for similar to share good times. We like pints of diet colas, and getting lost in the pain. We are not into Yoda, between us have half a brain (and 54 teeth!). If you like making love at midnight, in the barn with the cows, we’re the ones that you’ve looked for, reply to this ad right now!

An extremely attractive inteligent young woman with an overweight geeky boyfriend with limited employment prospects. It didn’t make sense at all, unless you knew that she had met him in a context where he was.authoritative, responsible, and important. Just one of those odd chances.

These and **Omer Little’s **examples which my phone won’t let me quote are hardly unusual, older sugar-daddy/mommy with fit youngster. Would’nt be half surprised if these trophy partners end up or ended up in age appropriate, hetro or homo, relationships eventually.