What is the name for this kind of cap?

Is there a name for this kind of cap?

Roy Underhill on The Woodright’s Shop

methinks that it is a greek fisherman’s cap.

I always thought of it as a cabbie hat.

I think it’s too wide and floppy to be a Greek Fisherman. I believe it’s called a newsboy cap. Also called an 8-panel cap, it’s sewn together out of wedge-shaped pieces. In parts of the US, it was popular a few years back among black men. I didn’t know that until I bought one. I’m a paleface, and I took a little ribbing when I wore it. :slight_smile:

I suspect someone is going to suggest it is a flat cap as worn by northern types such as Fred Dibnah - it isn’t.

The Greek Fisherman cap does not usually have the button or snap that holds the crown down to the brim.

With a somewhat smaller crown, it might be an Ivy cap, (sometimes called a Driving cap).

With a larger, floppy crown, it might be a Gatsby or Apple or Newsboy cap.

This outfit calls them
Eight Panel caps and Ivy caps (the former, presumably from the construction).


Looks like just a regular tweed cap (common in the UK) to me. Different styles can be found at the link above.

http://stores.pilotonline.com/menshats/Caps.html (Corrected link to Eight-panel and Ivy caps.



try this tweed cap outlet

Looks like an Andy Capp cap to me.

I was thinking when the OP said “kind of cap” in more general terms. I knew I should’ve stayed out of this one. Tweed caps are not quite the style in these parts. Kinda like all cowboy hats are not alike. Sorry 'bout that.

After looking a bit closer, I can see that “style” of tweed cap is more like the 8 panel that Tom~ mentioned.

Hey, we’re all a little ignorant 'bout something, from time to time. Thanks for the education.